I write through the night.

I like to write at night. I find my mind thinks much more expansively at night. There are less distractions and I get totally absorbed into my writing. 

Fabulous Riders

Fabulous Riders

I listen to music when I write 

I find writing in silence can be too intense. When I listen to music, my mind is looser and my thoughts flow easier. I mostly listen to electronic dance music. I love the creative synth sound.

I also write poetry 

I like writing poetry and performing at open mic nights. I am a regular at the Survivor's poetry night at the Poetry Cafe in London. This is a night for people who have survived mental ill-health and also survived the psychiatric system. I find many people in mental health are very creative. 

I write about 1000 words a day 

When I write I like to write intensively for about an hour or so. The writing flows and then I rest. I may write for two or three sessions in an evening.  

I smoke when I write 

I know smoking is frowned upon these days but I find smoking stimulates my thoughts. I am a Tolkien fan and I often think of him with pipe in mouth when he writes of mythical worlds.  

I love Guildford Cathedral 

I feel very fortunate to have a cathedral on my door step in Guildford. I try to go to the weekly Sunday service. I have discovered a new found interest in Christianity and the religious heritage of England.  

 I practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation

I have studied Tibetan Buddhism for over 20 years now. I meditate every day for an hour or so. I find it really helps with my concentration for writing. 

I recently went on my first trip to India. 

I went to India for HH Dalai Lama's Kalachakra teachings. This was a real adventure. I fell in love with India and I hope to visit many more times.

I enjoy Red wine.

I have developed a fondness for red wine. I enjoy learning about the regions and the grape varieties. My favourite region is Bordeaux and the Merlot grape. 

I have a dog called Hendrix

I really enjoy walking my dog everyday. Hendrix is a Jack Russel and he's a real character. It really is true that dogs are man's best friend.  

About the author: Living in Guildford, Surrey, Ryan Bloodworth has spent most of his career working within the charity sector, with a particular focus on mental health. A graduate of philosophy from the University of Warwick he holds a keen interest in the study of both society, spiritualism and world religions. Embracing the dance and electronic music scene of South London from an early age he continues to enjoy the international DJ scene. In his spare time he writes both poetry and narrative fiction. 

Fabulous Riders by Ryan Bloodworth (published by Create Space 26th April 2018 RRP £7.99 paperback) is available to purchase from Amazon and to order from all good bookstores.