Savage is the fifth book in my Luecross Wolves series. This series is about a shape shifting wolf community that live in the mountains of Colorado. Savage is about a young woman, Dalia, who finds herself at Alric and Sam's cabin during a blizzard. Alric and Sam are mates, but when they see Dalia they know that she is theirs as well. Dalia has had a troubled past, one filled with violence and abuse. She carries the child of said abuse, but she realizes that being in Alric and Sam's presence helps heal her. But like with all love stories the bad parts have to come into play, and it's up to Dalia's wolf mates to help her survive and start a new future with them.



How important is it for you that your husband shares your naughty nature and sense of humour?

Very important! I can bounce off ideas with him and joke about different sex scenes. His humour is twisted like mine, so he tends to have some hilarious commentary.



How do you juggle being a mum and writing?

It's hard, and I give props to every person out there that does it. I try to write when my littlest is napping, because when she is awake she's trying to go places she shouldn't.



What is your full time job?

I just recently became a full time writer, but before that (just months ago) I worked as a nurse.



Please tell us about the first story you ever wrote.

Well, the first story I ever wrote was about a woman and her friend that went through this portal. It took them to another demon soon with seven feet tall warriors.



This is book five in the Luecross Wolves series, so please can you tell us about the other four.

This series is about shape shifting wolves. The characters always end up with more than one mate, because in their community that is the norm. The males are alpha, and while the females enjoy having the males take control, they are also strong and independent.



What is your opinion of other werewolf fiction that is popular at the moment?

I think readers enjoy the escape of reality. What better way to do that than read about some hot alpha male wolf shifters?



Who are your favourite reads?

I have far too many to list honestly. The authors that I can think of at the top of my head that I love are J.R. Ward, Lora Leigh, Kresley Cole, Skye Warren, and Katy Evans. Of course there are so many more to that list.



Please tell us how you became involved with Total E Bound publishing.

I actually saw a call-out for one of the lines, submitted my story, and was ecstatic when it became included in the Total-E-Bound short story collection.



What is next for you?

Writing, like always. I'm currently writing a trilogy on three bear shifting brothers, and am working on the third one right now.


You can purchase Savage from Total-E-Bound Publishing.


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