Seven Steps

Seven Steps

What can you tell us about your new book 7 Steps to Living you Mission?


It is the companion workbook to my first book Sacred Paths Entwined. It takes readers and success seekers on a profound 7 week accelerated program of transformation which leads them to know how to be successful and let go of that which is blocking them in life.


What are the seven steps to living your true life's purpose?


Step 1 – Becoming aware of your mission and destiny path

Step 2-The keys to Unlock your gifts –looking at your gifts to share with others

Step 3-The inner journey of knowing the real you using meditation and journaling

Step 4-Love is the answer-exploring how to live from a loving space

Step 5- Letting go and surrendering to your highest good

Step 6-Telling the truth-moving from fate to Destiny – exploring your shadow.

Step 7-Seek and you will find- Carving your Destiny Path by evaluating what you’ve discovered and making new choices freed from the past and carving a brand new path.

Each step builds on an area of life –so it involves some self-examination and a willingness to look at your life in a new way and make new choices!


You used to work as a nurse, so when did you decide to make a change in your career?


I lost my Dad and Granddad in May/June 2008 I felt empty and wasn’t satisfied with my job anymore. I had always had an interest in personal development so I decided to go to Chicago in January 2009 and work with a woman called Caroline Myss who wrote the best seller Sacred Contracts. Casting my Sacred contract and going to the USA changed my life and destiny. It introduced me to loads of new people as I expanded my own awareness and to opportunities that I would never have discovered had I stayed in my job. I set up my business in late 2009 and help others do the same now by breaking out of their limitations.



You are a life purpose expert and an Archetypal Consultant and Astrologer, so what does this entail?


I work with women who are at a cross roads in their life and/or business and help them discover who they really are under all the conditioning so that they can live a more fulfilling and authentic life. I use astrology and archetypes (archetypes are energetic guides like Mother, Goddess, Queen, Healer) to tap into their purpose with them and help them release what’s blocking them using coaching and these tools.



Please tell us about your lowest point of having depression.


In April 1998 I was so ill I could barely make a cup of tea. I felt suicidal and spent one evening looking at the curtain pole as it seemed more attractive to end my life than keep going. I made the decision that I would keep going that evening despite my hopelessness and the very next day my life changed for the better. I met a new friend who introduced me to the healer that helped me shift my health and to start getting well physically again. A chain of events unfolded that gave me greater faith and trust in my life and my purpose for being alive!!


What sparked inside you to make a difference to your life?


I had a spiritual awakening experience shortly after the above suicidal event in June 1998 and this woke me up to a new awareness and appreciation for my life and purpose. At this time I realised I wanted to help people experience the joy and profound level of expansion rather than what many are experiencing in life. It was a life changing moment and led me down a new path of better health and happiness. I share my breakthrough in my first book Sacred Paths Entwined. 


What is the easiest thing we can do to have a better love and appreciation for our lives?


To get into a better state and take control of your experience and stop blaming others for what is happening. This new choice will profoundly affect everything else in your life and you will make changes to align with it. My book guides people to get to this place.

What is the one thing we can do in order to prepare ourselves for a change in our destiny?


Be willing to change and be open to new positive changes and possibilities –some of which you may never have envisaged before.


Please tell us about the Kindle challenge.


It was a group of 12 ladies who came together from all over the UK with support from I AM Woman. I AM Woman run business clubs supporting women to develop their potential and this challenge was about getting our wisdom and experiences down on paper. In doing so we can share it with others and support them to make life happier and more fulfilling in new ways by making more empowering choices.


What is next for you?


Sharing my expertise and coaching others to greater fulfillment and success.  I am booked to do more talks in the UK and look forward to meeting more people who want to live a more successful life and in doing so to fulfill their mission’s success! 



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