Rachel Brimble writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Rachel Brimble writes an exclusive piece for Female First

To celebrate the recent release of her new book, A Widow's Vow, we asked author Rachel Brimble to take part in our 'seven things' series and let her readers know some interesting facts all about her! Here's what she had to reveal...

1. I haven’t had my hair professionally cut for 23 years – the last time a hairdresser styled my hair in any way was on my wedding day in 1998. My hair is so curly, I have got away with my husband, then my daughters as they grew older, giving it a quick trim. Imagine the money I’ve saved over the years...

2. I was rescued by helicopter during the 2010 French floods – I was on holiday with my family and our best friends when the flash flood hit. We were woken in the early hours by the camp staff urging us to the clubhouse which was on higher ground. All too soon the water began to rise until we were forced onto the clubhouse roof.

A terrifying 12 hours later, we were rescued by helicopter having lost our passports, clothes, everything to the flood. Thankfully, we were all safe and unharmed for which I am eternally grateful.

3. I have a mask phobia – I have no idea where my phobia came from or why. I can only imagine it was caused by a repressed memory from childhood BUT I cannot stand masks. Any masks! It’s so profound that I even struggled to resist pulling my young daughters away from the characters when we went to Eurodisney! Halloween is my worst nightmare…

4. I am royal and period drama obsessed – anyone who follows me on Instagram will know how passionate I am about the British Royal Family and period drama. I just love Royal-watching and learning about past and current royals’ life and work.

As for period drama, I love them all from Downton Abbey to Poldark to Bridgerton, I watch them over and over again.

5. I read while walking my dog – it’s something that absolutely fascinates my neighbourhood and I am often asked how I manage it. Admittedly, I am more often than not reading my Kindle rather than a book which makes things easier. I usually manage a good few chapters per dog walk. Completely satisfying!

6. One of my biggest pet peeves is used teabags tossed in the sink or left in a dish by the kettle – cannot stand it. Put them in the bin!

7. All of my books are about female empowerment – I draw a lot of inspiration from women in the past who achieved amazing things. Whether in work, family, relationships or survival against the odds, I love immersing myself in strong female characters and the men they meet who match them as equals. It’s that strength against adversity that keeps me at the keyboard, day after day, then throw in their happy ever after and I’m done.

Rachel Brimble's brilliant new novel, A Widow's Vow, is out now!

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