Julia Crouch writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Julia Crouch writes an exclusive piece for Female First

To celebrate the release of her new book, The New Mother, we asked author Julia Crouch to be a part of our 'seven things' series and open up for her readers! Here's what she had to reveal...

1. I only started writing novels in my forties after doing a couple of online creative writing courses. Although this now hints at my actual age, I think it’s important to let people (women particularly) know that it’s never too late to start.

2. I was the first published author I ever met. I had no contacts whatsoever I could pull to get my book out there.

3. I am scared of the dark and always imagine worst-case scenarios, and I’m the one who checks all the doors are locked at night. I think this is why I write psychological crime fiction.

4. The first ten years of my working life were spent in the theatre. Although my working-class family has no published authors, story telling is part of my DNA – my Nana could spin a fantastic tall tale and my great-great grandparents worked in music hall.

5. While raising my three children I retrained and became a graphic designer, a job I could do from home and earn reasonable money while my actor husband went away and earned pennies.

6. I run half marathons and do yoga daily to offset the fact that I earn my living by sitting on my backside.

7. I have recently become a first-time dog owner and can’t believe it has taken me this long. With my two feline friends Keith and Sandra who lie on me at night and ‘help’ me write during the day, I thought I was a cat person. But my new companion, an Italian water dog called Uncle has taught me otherwise. I am smitten! (Keith and Sandra less so...)

The New Mother, by Julia Crouch, is out now!

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