There is something magical about first love, something serendipitous, as if the stars have aligned just perfectly to bring two people together at the exact right moment.

Shea Ernshaw

Shea Ernshaw

Love possesses hearts and casts spells that aren’t easily broken. For those who find themselves enraptured by first love, caught in the gaze of the one who takes their breath away, it can feel as if the cosmos are working in their favor. Luck is on their side. There is nothing more powerful than love.

But first love can also be messy and complicated. You might find yourself doing foolish things, reckless things, purely because your heart told you to. Because you were helpless under the intoxicating spell of love. The classic tale of Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of this—of love that destroys.

In The Wicked Deep, Penny Talbot and Bo Carter, two strangers, are tossed together by chance. Even as chaos ensues around them—as the Swan sisters return to torment the town of Sparrow—they can’t help but follow their hearts. But to risk falling in love is to risk everything. It might even cost them their lives.

Love can be dangerous and unpredictable, it unravels and upends. And that’s also what makes it so wonderful.

Even though The Wicked Deep is a story about revenge, curses and a town who must pay the price for its mistakes, I knew it also needed a love story at its core. A beating heart. Love is the framework by which the rest of the story is spun.