#1: If stats about bucket lists are to be believed, then 80% of people want to write a book. I was also one of those wannabe authors, and have lived my entire life holding onto that dream. I finally achieved it in 2015 - tick!

Sheila Mughal

Sheila Mughal

#2: I wrote my first book as soon as I could hold a pencil (aged 6) and then carried on writing thereafter; sadly scrapping multiple unfinished manuscripts.

#3: One of my hobbies is genealogy, but years of perusing tombstones is a constant reminder of the fragility of life. Sailing past middle age, I then decided that I rather fancied immortality and it was time put my name into print. It's an ego thing!

#4: Famous ancestors; I have bucket loads. To "name drop" I am a direct descendent of Lady Godiva, King Canute, a Roman emperor and of course Tamar from Genesis 38; the lady who inspired my novel.

#4: Love history and have even been on archaeological digs. The clandestine era of the Protestant Reformation and the general cloak-and-dagger paranoia of that period is pure literary inspiration. Researching the hieroglyphics of the Cairns in County Meath, exposed a story of biblical people who journeyed to Ireland from the Holy Lands. Mixed with magical Celtic mythology, I had the platform for a most unusual story.

#5: Favourite writer; I was also raised in the era of Enid Blyton, so the little girl in me is forever enthralled by secret tunnels, hidden trap doors and gothic mansions.

#6: All things paranormal fascinate me. My father died when I was two, so in need of reassurance about an afterlife, my mother took me to a Spiritualist Temple every Sunday. I considered it quite normal to observe somebody talk to the dead. It was a bit of a shock to discover that this wasn't a mainstream religion.

#7: My natural writing style is one of comedy and formally as a young Midwife, I would write hours of hilarious scripts for our annual Christmas production. In "The Lines of Tamar", I couldn't help but add humour to Chapter 21. It's sometimes good to lighten a serious story and anyway - what's not to like about "the Da Vinci code meets the Kardashians"?

#8: My mother died in 2008 and I miss her dearly. I am a sentimental soul, so I was bound to include a few tear-jerking chapters. I like to motivate people to think deeply about life and the ones they love. I defy anyone to read Chapter 14 with dry eyes.

#9: I come from a musical family and even write my own music; but my songs are personal and private. Composing a song clears out emotional garbage. Ask Taylor Swift!

#10: I have three children. My youngest wants to be a pro-tennis player, my middle daughter is expecting baby number 5 and my son does things on a computer and plays in a band.

Sheila Mughal is the author of "The Lines of Tamar" (paperback; £12.99) which is published by Mereo Books and available through all good bookshop and internet booksellers.