What can you tell us about your new book Crave?

Relationship dynamics fascinate me. For a long time, I’ve considered writing a story where the hero believes that collaring his submissive is the next logical step. To my protagonists, collaring would be a serious commitment, as important as marriage. But what if the submissive wasn’t ready to take such a monumental step? What if the idea scared her? I begin this book where most of my other stories end, and I loved seeing the very real struggles that Reece and Sarah go through as they try to resolve their fundamental differences.

What are your biggest cravings in life?

Where to begin…? I crave sleep, and I’ve been known to go to bed ridiculously early just so I can doze off and on for hours. And I have a confession. When I crave something, I can be single-minded in its pursuit. (I prefer that word to “obsessive.”) I love chocolate, and the richer, more decadent, the better. In the quest to sate my sweet-tooth, I spent years trying out recipes for flourless chocolate cake. About three years ago, I had a craving for a margarita. That began my quest for the perfect margarita. I created a recipe that is an absolute crowd-pleaser. And then, that began the quest to find the perfect glass to serve it in. I am now the proud owner of my very own margarita “tree” that holds my glasses. And oh, yes, I’ve planted my own lime tree, because the perfect margarita needs organic limes. (Single-minded. LOL)

Why is sex something that readers crave from fiction now more than ever?  

In a romance novel, the sex changes the characters as well as the dynamic of their relationship. The protagonists grow and conflict as a result of their connection. I think we create more honesty, and, as a result, more tension for characters and our readers when we’re willing to push the boundaries and mine the emotional depths that we reveal during our most intimate moments.  

This is book one in the Bonds series, so how far do you plan to take these books?

I’m not sure I ever had more fun writing a series of books. I have four male characters who have been friends since college. Julien Bonds is the character who connects all the stories together, and he’s one of the most eccentric and energetic men I’ve ever written about. (How many men have taken their own Bloody Mary bar to a tennis court?) Right now, I’m writing Kennedy’s story. After that, I’ll be starting on Grant’s story. At present, Bonds is planned as a trilogy. I’m very much looking forward to exploring complex emotional issues, having a lot of lighter moments, and pushing the boundaries with my writing. I also look forward to Julien having a starring role in each story. After all, there’s nothing he enjoys more than meddling in the lives of others.

Please tell us about the characters of Reece and Sarah.

I’m a sucker for second chance at love stories, and this has the added element of D/s in the relationship. I really love that Reece and Sarah come to the story as an already-experienced BDSM couple.

Reece was attracted to Sarah the moment she walked into his office to apply for a job. And when she helped him solve a problem straightaway, he hired her. They became a great team, but he began to want more from her. And when Sarah found a thick, unyielding collar in his dresser drawer, she realized just how much he was going to demand from her. Panicked, she fled. Over the course of the next two years, she met no one his equal, and the more she thought of him, the more she craved his touch. She convinces herself that one more night together will help her get over him, and she enlists Julien’s help in setting up a scene.

As for Reece, he’s not pleased to see her. It took him a long time to get over the hurt she caused when she vanished. But the sight of her, behaving as the perfect submissive he’d always craved, intrigues him, and he cannot resist the opportunity to discover why she ran, and more importantly, why she’s back.

How did the idea for these books begin?

The idea for Crave came to me before the ideas for the other books or even the series. As I was trying to figure out how Reece and Sarah could meet again, Julien was formed. He is someone who cares for both Sarah and Reece, and I could picture him taking great delight in masterminding a reconciliation. I didn’t want Julien to be just a typical friend, and as the story evolved, I found Julien to be fun, a bit mysterious, and very complex.

My honey has friends who he has known since college, and their interactions leave me shaking my head and rolling my eyes. Honestly, they, and some of their antics, inspired my ideas.

The summer is nearly here, so how does your writing change from Summer to Wintertime?

I spend as much time outside as possible, and that was one of the inspirations for my move to a warmer climate. It’s not unusual for me to drag a notepad outside and jot down ideas. My writing hours vary a bit with the seasons. I’m always an early riser, but in summer, I stay up later, so I sleep a little later. In winter, I get up closer to four a.m. and get busy because I want to spend some time outdoors when the weather is nicer. But when it’s really hot during the summer, I mostly stay in and write near the air conditioner!

What is next for you?

After Bonds, stand by for some really big, juicy books in another series from Totally Bound!


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