1. My Mom had two pet names for me Bunty and Chickatee. Aged nine I suggested to her that if she stopped using those terms of endearment I'd stop biting my nails. We agreed to a penalty of 10p into a charity box each time we failed. I haven't bitten my nails since. My mother ended up giving a fortune to charity and my pet names morphed into Bunty Blast it and Chickatee Damn It Anyway.
  2. I am a horrible driver and I tend to abandon the car as oppose to actually parking it.
  3. I have three dogs, one cat and I'm gunning for a micro pig. My husband has yet to be talked around but I'm chipping away, slowly but surely. That pig will be mine.
  4. I'm incredibly annoying during ad breaks. If I know the ad I sing along, if I don't know it I make it up. I'm just as painful in the car. I sing along to every song an octave higher.
  5. With a few drinks on board I laugh at my own jokes, sometimes I'm so entertained by myself I can't even finish the punchline. Sad but true.
  6. I hate flying. In fact I hate travelling in general. According to my husband I have a 'Cranky travel face.' He avoids speaking to be before, during or immediately after the flight. He's right. I'm a nutjob.
  7. I have a personal trainer and I train three times a week. I hated every single second of it. I come and go with my head hanging low. I've never experienced that buzz people talk about or that feeling of wellbeing. It's torture. The only reason I do it is because after years of sitting on my bum I'd gotten so weak that I dropped my small terrier dog. I want to be able to walk straight by the age of 55 and go food shopping without using a bag with wheels but it's a big price to pay.
  8. I love being at home. I'll go out with my pals but mostly I like to cook for them and the only time I'll go to big events is if It's for work or I've been emotionally blackmailed into it.
  9. I hate shopping. I buy clothes and 'stuff' when necessary but window shopping is my idea of hell. My husband on the other hand loves shopping. When we travel to cities abroad it's a constant negotiation. One hour shopping in exchange for one hour sightseeing…
  10. I have a very low immune system. I spend quite a lot of my time battling colds, flu's and infections. I have a chest infection right now. Most of the time it doesn't stop me from writing. When I worked for an insurance company in the nineties I was moved directly from the office to the hospital on four separate occasions and once by ambulance. So fragile and yet so hardcore.