After many years of travelling and living out of a backpack, Stephanie Hill returned to the UK after popping to Bermuda for a two-week holiday and staying for 16 years. Then, whilst watching a game of rugby in Bath, she spontaneously decided to buy a Bed & Breakfast. Come Sleep With Me is her new book documenting this, and many other adventures…

Come Sleep With Me

Come Sleep With Me

Stephanie’s life has been nothing short of interesting, so here’s ten fun facts she’d like her readers to know about her:

  1. I once had tea with Robert Plant, and he played Stairway to Heaven on my guitar
  2. I learned to drive a tractor in Namibia – that was great fun!
  3. I do ‘Laughter’ workshops at Glastonbury each year through my company (
  4. I met one of my best friends after eating a dodgy prawn at her café
  5. I have cuddled a Cheetah and have chatted with a Mountain Gorilla in the wild
  6. I once did a conga line with other motorists on the M6 whilst stuck in a traffic jam
  7. I am addicted to marzipan and have been known to sneak into the Christmas cake and remove it from the underside of the icing
  8. I once flew first-class from Abu Dhabi to the UK by mistake!
  9. I once drove my boat through a hurricane
  10. I’m Dyslexic and could do perfect mirror writing from the age of 3

Come Sleep With Me is an insight into the shenanigans that happen behind the scenes in Bed and Breakfast land. It’s about a laundry mountain, Roman Centurions, Chintz, geraniums and an Orangutan rehabilitation centre in Indonesia. Woven into the mix are stories of humanity and adventure across the globe. It’s available to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and all good bookshops.

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