A blind date can be terrifying, it’s the kind of date where you do not know the last name and maybe not even the first name; you cannot search their Facebook or LinkedIn, and you are not able to stalk their family, ex or friends. But why not give it a try!

100 Dates and a Wedding

100 Dates and a Wedding

Let’s define a blind date for the neophytes. A blind date is a date between two singles that are strangers to each other – this allows them to get to know each other and more if they hit off! A blind date can be organised by family, friends, co-workers or a matchmaking agency. You choose!

Due to us wanting you to be happy, to find a meaningful love, we are, of course giving you 8 good reasons to try a blind date at least once in your life!

1/ Be confident and trust your friends! A blind meeting doesn’t always have to be totally random. In most cases the initiators of this blind date are people who know you. Therefore, they will try to introduce you to someone whose tastes; desires and expectations are similar to yours. You never know, it might actually be brilliant matchmaking!

2/ Amazing for unphotogenic people!  Perhaps certain pictures online don’t generally give you justice. Selfies aren’t for everyone, so if you feel this is the case, then a blind date may be perfect! Plus, what about if your date has the same issue? You may never meet each other otherwise and could miss a meaningful relationship for superficial reasons.

3/ Work, Work, Work… Blind dates are convenient for those with hectic lifestyles and busy schedules. All you have to do is set a date, get ready and leave!

4/ Build your confidence! Going on a blind date can be nerve wracking for most people. Meeting a stranger who you don’t know anything about takes confidence! By going on a blind date, you’ll become more confident and eventually learn new things about yourself.

5/ Much more exciting! Conversations will be endless. As you do not have any preconceived notions of each other, you can be free in your conversations and to be your own true self.

6/ Broaden your horizons. Meeting blindly is an opportunity to meet someone you’d probably have never met otherwise. American studies have shown that most of us meet the most significant people in our lives through our “weak ties” and not through our interpersonal ties.

7/ Stay Anonymous! If you don’t end up hitting it off with your blind date, it will have no impact on your personal life; this person is not a colleague and is not part of your circle of friends. Moreover, you will probably never cross their path again unless you intend to.

8/ You have nothing to lose! Cupid may not hit you on your first rendezvous. But let's be positive; love is like a thunderstorm, we do not know when and where it will hit or come from.

The ball is in your court to try it on! Happy dating!

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Born and raised in Paris, France by Congolese parents, Stephanie Tumba is a London-based

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