Believe in Spirit 

As a child I was told to believe everything my teachers said about religion. As an adult I wanted proof. I did NOT believe in spiritualists or spiritualism. All nonsense. I was like many of you. I was one of you. I was wrong. Why? Because I got the proof I needed. A Spiritual Medium described the death of my best friend. He’d taken his own life. The Medium gave details no one could possibly know. It changed my life. That’s twenty years ago. Since then, Janet and I have written two books to share with you. And for you to make up your own minds. Here are ten reasons to believe. 

Believe In Spirit

Believe In Spirit


Simply put, spiritualism provides evidence that human consciousness continues after physical death. How? Trained Spiritual Mediums have developed their psychic skills to create a telepathic link with people who have passed. They receive proof of identity and personal messages to pass on to their friends and loved ones. 

Getting that Proof 

The best way is to go along to a spiritual church and see and hear for yourself. Witness a Spiritual Medium demonstrating their connection with spiritual energies. See how other people in the congregation react. Don’t rely on social media or television programmes. You may get a message yourself.  Then you will know. Know in your heart. 

What this means 

Think beyond the content of any message. Think about where it has come from. It’s from someone you’ve loved. Someone who until recently has been a part of your everyday life. Someone who has laughed and joked with you, looked after your kids, lent you money to cover the hard times.  

What this really means   

What this really means is that they are still alive in spirit. You will know that they are happy and pain free. That they still love and think of you. What this really means, is at some time in the future, it will be YOU who will able to pass messages back to your loved ones.   

Put another way 

You are spirit in human form.  You are living a physical, material existence on earth. Right here, right now. 

Time is on loan 

Time is on loan for all of us.  We don’t know how long we have. This is not to upset you. Live every single day with love. Don’t get paralysed by the past. Move on and up with joy in your heart, smell the air, feel the raindrops, love the soft kiss of the wind on your cheek. Exult in being alive. 


Get your head around this  

Spirit is an everlasting state of being.  It is pure energy and cannot be destroyed. Spirit is you. Your spirit lives on. It is immortal. Knowing this will change the way you think about life, those who are dearest to you, the fish in the seas, the birds in the air, the animals on the land, every living thing, and importantly of Mother Earth herself. Renew yourself. Don’t delay. 

Spirit is universal 

Spirit is at the core of creation. It is common to all religions and positive codes of living. Spiritualism has no holy books, no dogma, no religious rites. It has never started a war or conflict. It embraces all colours and creeds. It has never wanted to control people or seek to gain land or riches. It does not criticise other religions or belief systems.  

These are words from Spirit 

“My friend, in our world we want everyone to know the truth that not only is life eternal, but that we are here to help, protect and guide. We can help relieve the pressure from your hectic lives. We can help relieve stress and disharmony. We want people to give a thought of what is beyond your living life, and have a small amount of belief and trust that we will be there in times of stress and hardship. We are your friends. We come with the kind of friendship that blends into the love that only spirit can give.  Love is given in its purest form.”