Tracy sold 300,000 copies of her debut comic novel No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday after releasing it through Kindle Direct Publishing and is now a best-selling independent author. Tracy's most recent novel Strictly My Husband is available for pre-order on Kindle before it launches on 27th July 2016.

Tracy Bloom

Tracy Bloom

1) I get my sense of humour from growing up on a farm. I was surrounded by whip-smart farmers who endlessly took the mickey out of each other. To compete, I had to learn to have a sharp and witty comeback to hand at all times. They never taught me how to lamb a sheep but I learnt a lot about delivering a punch line.

2) My debut independent novel NO-ONE EVER HAS SEX ON A TUESDAY was first published in Polish! So the first time I held a book in my hand that I'd written I couldn't read the damn thing!

3) The greatest feeling is when a reader tells you that your words made them laugh out loud. I rarely laugh when I read a book so when someone tells me I made them laugh it blows my mind and makes be so very happy.

4) For research whilst writing STRICTLY MY HUSBAND I took my own husband to an Argentinian Tango class. We only went once and will never go again as it turned out he was much better than me!

5) I have been to a PJ & Duncan concert and enjoyed it.

6) Unlike most writers I didn't write endless stories as a child, I don't have a literature degree and I was never a journalist. My only qualification to be a novelist is a love of words and the amazing things you can do with them along with a desire and passion to entertain people.

7) I cry a lot. Mostly happy tears thankfully although every year I'm grateful that Noel Edmonds Christmas Presents is off air and can no longer leave me a sobbing wreck all Christmas day morning.

8) I have a really annoying laugh. My kids tell me they know that I have arrived at the school gate because they can hear me laughing above everything else. I try to take that as a compliment.

9) I started writing when my heartless husband moved us away from our family and friends to America for three years just after I'd had a baby. I went on strike as far as domestic duties were concerned and wrote a book instead. Now I have a dream career being a novelist so I forgave him…..eventually!

10)We have a mirror ball in our living room and I mostly like to dance under it with my daughter to Take That. It makes me happy.