I’d love to say, ‘You can’t have too much chocolate!’ But, unfortunately, I can. It’s a migraine trigger for me, which is a tough call for a chocoholic at Christmas. During the festive season I do allow myself a little more chocolate than usual - and generally stop when I get a migraine. When I travelled to Switzerland last year to research Let it Snow I brought home a load of delicious, rich Swiss chocolate as presents. My family and friends were happy with me. And, of course, I saved some for myself.

Let It Snow

Let It Snow


I like a quiet time over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, spent with family. I eat too much and kick back, treat myself to a siesta and don’t bother about my best clothes. I’d also like to say I avoid the kitchen but that’s not true! There’s generally a more extended family party between Christmas and New Year and that’s noisy and fun. I’m in the lucky position of liking my family.

The run-up to Christmas

This is when I enjoy non-family events. My publisher’s party, the Winter Party of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, RNA chapter parties, a meal with my gym friends etc. This routine has been a little damaged by research trips in past two years but when you get the chance to travel to Switzerland or Sweden you have to squeeze the trip in somewhere. My writing friends know I’m at the parties in spirit.

Christmas books

This is probably no surprise, as I write Christmas books, that I also love to read new winter books by favourite authors like Jules Wake. But under the heading ‘Christmas books’ I include the books I receive as presents, usually hardbacks such as biographies and Formula 1 books. I’m an avid Formula 1 fan and soak up stories about drivers, complete with lavish, glossy pictures.

Switch off the alarm

The joy of not having a schedule for a few days can’t be underestimated. Writing two books a year, plus promo and events means a working week of fifty or sixty hours. It’s great to treat the festive season as a ‘staycation’ and get up when I’m ready and eat when I feel like it.

New movies

For most of the year I’m not a movie person but there’s something about a new Star Wars or Lord of the Rings film at the local Odeon that just says ‘Christmas’ to me.

Time to plan

New Year’s the traditional time for this but I usually have an editing deadline to meet in January and so it’s during my Christmas break that I have the time and headspace to think about the year ahead. I do a little research on holidays or buy things that are needed in the house, especially if there’s a good sale on.

Then, when the books are read, the movies watched and the chocolate eaten, I’m perfectly happy to go back to work - because being an author is the best job in the world!

Let It Snow by Sue Moorcroft is out now