Get Published on Female First

Get Published on Female First

I look at you with tired eyes.

Have told you to not come in my way,

but you just don't seem to listen.

I have tried everything I can think of

spoke to you nicely at first,

Persuaded you with my sweetness,

Ambushed you with my charm,

Tricked you with my wits,

Confused you with my accusations

Dodged you with my criticism

Cheated you with my love

Scared you with my anger,

Manipulated you with my tears,

Controlled you with my threat

Alas, you are still as you were.

I have tried to push you

Pull you

Used all my strength.

Banged my head,

To make you move somehow

but you just don't budge.

Now, I have finally realized,

I am the one who is hurt.

I am the one in pain

But I want you to move

They think I am mad

For asking the wall to move

They tell me to walk around you.

Even a four year old knows better.

They laugh at me

pity me, cast me aside

I find them no different.

They try to change everyone and everything else but themselves

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