Get Published on Female First

Get Published on Female First

I am a monastery bell

Calling through the mountain air.

I am that quintessential moment

Of ecstasy, almost too much to bear.

I am an early morning sunrise

Tugging at sleep-dusted eyes.

I am that still, silent moment

That precedes the final knell.

I am the hope starved pilgrim

Kneeling at the wishing-well.

I am a shooting star,

Herald of the birth of kings.

I am the heart of man

Where hope eternal springs.

I am the chill of Winter

And the heat of the Sun.

I am the final rest

Gifted when life is done.

I am stardust and moonlight,

I am Ocean and Earth.

I am sanity and madness.

I am sorrow and mirth.

I am new-born and archaic

I am the known and the missing link.

Freestyle and formulaic

I am poet, poem, blood and ink.