To celebrate the release of his new novel Gone Missing, author T J Brearton tells us a little bit about the man behind the books. 

T J Brearton

T J Brearton

I am a heavy sleeper.

I am a wannabe Vegan.

I’m guilty of loving too many things. In addition to writing prose I’ve also painted, written screenplays, directed short films, written poetry (much of it nails-on-chalkboard awful), done woodworking, sculpting, acting, played acoustic and electric guitars, drums, djembe, and a close friend claims I missed my calling as a stand-up comedian.

While it may be true that I love to make my friends laugh so hard they might pee themselves, terrible stage fright prohibited me from ever taking that compunction to the public. And I think the world is the better for it.

It’s my serious side that finds expression in writing fiction, though lately I’ve been more conscientious of levity and I try to get a few laughs into every novel. (Please send jokes to:

All told, I’ve written about twenty-five novels. The ones that aren’t on Amazon have either been banished to the bottom of a file box in the basement where I occasionally drag them out, gasp, and hurriedly shove them back into a dark corner, or I self-published them and maybe sold a couple of copies. Thank you mom and dad for your patronage.

My first books were speculative: supernatural, horror, and sci-fi. Usually, though, there was some kind of investigator involved. That investigator was likely an avatar of me, trying to figure out just what in the %$#@ I was doing.

I write a lot of non-fiction on politics, religion, social issues, and the meaning of consciousness. No, you can’t see any of that. (Honestly I think it’s my way of getting it out of my system so I’m not smuggling it into my novels too much. You’re welcome.)

I’m married with three kids. Upon their birth, each of my children brought me a tremendous gift, and in return, I gladly owe them my life.

My wife is my best friend and my voice of reason. She also helps me put the brakes on. Without my wife and my kids I would probably write / create things around the clock, stopping only to sleep, eat donuts, and watch shows like MINDHUNTER.