by Mike Bayliss author of The Bedtimeasnaurus (published by Bespoke Book Publishing 14th November 2017)

Make Bayliss

Make Bayliss

Engaging not only to children but also the adults who often have to read it with them!

With many books being read to children its important that the book draws in not only the child its being read to but also the reader. You ay not notice but often when a child asks for a story it will be the reader who chooses the book themselves —or maybe this is just what it’s always been like in my family.  And usually this will be a book that’s not too heavy on content but is fun and easy to read with dynamic illustrations and characters that you can make come alive —and for parents that means being able to release your inner acting skills. 

Visually striking

Bright, bold colours and unique illustrations perhaps a myriad of textile to make the book pop —there’s a reason why advertising and packaging is important and that’s the same with front covers for children’s books. If it’s visually interesting then you’ve won half the battle!

Choose an Interesting topic

You don’t have to follow the current trends for children’s books or copy bestselling children’s authors to find something interesting and engaging to write about, for one it’s still important to chose something authentic and that you genuinely want to write about whether you’re writing literary fiction or a children’s book. If you’re not interested in it why should anyone else be? In my case I first started the book some thirty years ago and I can genuinely say dinosaurs are still as relevant and interesting to my children today as they were when I was a child.

Create a memorable character 

By creating many different characters not only in rhyme but illustrated gives the child lots of opportunities to choose their favourite character and by returning to this favourite character, dependant on age, it helps the child pick out the words and to start learning them as they read with their family. Also having the kind of characters that spark the imagination hopefully gives those children an early love of reading and the ability to start creating their own imaginary worlds. With my book, I also hope to give them a point of interest that goes beyond the pages. The book has a quiz page and an opportunity to create your own dinosaur and send it back to me as the author where I hope to incorporate some of their creations into further books in the series and perhaps even a range of soft toys.

Keep it fun and a bit naughty

Keeping the contents funny is important to me as it's something that not only makes the child laugh but also makes the reader laugh too! Making it a little bit naughty to me is not only fun for everyone but also helps to break down barriers and establish is socially acceptable as well as promote questions and further conversational development with your young ones. 

About the author: Born in Walsalll West Midland, UK, Bayliss is an entrepreneur that owns companies in several industries including building supply and property development. He also owns Bespoke Brewery, which opened in 2012 and has since won a number of awards for its craft beer. He lives with his wife and three children in Forest Dean, UK. This is his first book. The Bedtimeasnaurus by Mike Bayliss & illustrated by Megan Egan (published by bespoke book publishing 14th November 2017 RRP £6.99 paperback and £5.99 ebook ) is available to purchase from online retailers including Amazon and to order from all good bookstores. For more information, visit