The Curse of the Tiger

The Curse of the Tiger

The Curse of the Tiger is a male/female erotic romance with high heat level. As with a lot of what I write, there is some humour, magic and drama mixed in with the romance. "Curse" is set in present-day Colorado at a fictional tiger sanctuary.

Why did you decide to set the book on a tiger refuge?

Hunter, the main male character, is on the run and seeks shelter at the tiger refuge. Faline inherited the facility from her father. It was his life's work. Aside from the fact that she is drawn to tigers, the tiger sanctuary is precious to her because it meant so much to her father. The refuge is a place where rescued tigers run wild—they get to hunt live prey and live with very little human interaction.

The character of Faline is an animal lover, as are you, so is there a little bit of you in her?

Oh, definitely. I love animals. I'll confess that I'm a bit more of a dog person, though. I'm crazy about our German shepherd and miniature dachshund. We have two indoor/outdoor cats, too, and they are tremendous hunters. In fact, one left a particularly gruesome present on the front walk just this morning.

The story is unusual, so where did the inspiration come from?

My family has been on quite a few vacations to Mexico and we have close friends who live in Playa del Carmen year round. Through them, we've learned about local issues including exotic animal abuse. I think it's easy to be blinded by the entertainment factor when we encounter beautiful animals on display and to not necessarily worry about what the animals are actually experiencing behind the scenes. I'm certainly guilty of it myself.

I wanted to explore what would be ideal for an exotic, dangerous animal raised in captivity. If it couldn't be released into the wild, what would be the next best thing? If I were a rescued tiger cub, I think a free range sanctuary would be a pretty awesome place to relocate. 

Please tell us a little bit about your previous publications with Totally Bound Publishing?

I gravitate toward contemporary erotic romance with paranormal elements. Most of my releases are male/female, although I do have some ménage scenes and female/female elements in some of them. My first novella, "Carved into her Heart," is a highly erotic tale involving gargoyles that come to life at night. "A Ghost on Two Wheels" was next. It's an emotional ghost story told in the first person that involves motorcycles, tattoos, and connecting with a loved one from beyond the grave. "Bubbles and Troubles" is the first book of my Prescott Woods series. It's set in a fictional small town in Kentucky that nestles up to a woods teeming with magical beings. Like my own hometown, Charade is filled with quirky characters and laid back charm. I also have a free erotic story set in Prescott Woods that's available on the Total-E-Bound website called "At the Rainbow's End." In it, I divulge why it is that leprechauns guard those pots of gold so carefully. "Learning to Soar" isn't a paranormal story, although there are some sex toys and products that are pretty magical, in my opinion. Damien runs his sex therapy practice from his by-invitation-only nightclub, where the patrons are more than happy to help new clients work through their issues on the dance floor.

While at home, you dream of being on the Mediterranean, is this somewhere you have been or aim to go one day?

My husband and I honeymooned on the French Riviera. We stayed at a stunning villa that belongs to a close friend's family. I remember snorkelling in the clear blue water, sunbathing au natural, and having pain au chocolate and strong coffee for breakfast. Heaven. We're trying to work out a return trip next summer for our twentieth anniversary.

People always say that the rural countryside is inspiring, so do you find that to be true living among the rolling hills?

I can't imagine living in a city. I love to visit them, but it's very soothing to live in my little town of 450. It's really easy to get lost in nature here. Although we live in a neighbourhood, we can walk to a creek through the woods, canoe on the river, and ride horseback through town if the mood strikes. I also feel like we are removed from trends and fashions in cities, which would get a little exhausting for me. 

Do you think it helps to be able to write a good love story if you have a strong relationship yourself?

It's a bit of a double-edged sword at times. I do feel like my husband and I are really blessed to be as in tune as we are, and that that translates into my characters craving strong relationships and not settling for anything less. However, I have to put effort into making my characters mess up and be mean to each other from time to time. It doesn't come naturally—I have to remind myself to give them stuff to work through and problems to overcome. I blame my wonderful husband for that little problem, but I'm happy to work around it.

What is your writing process?

I tend to write the basic, bare bones story from beginning to end, going back some to make changes as needed. Then I go back through multiple times and add erotic scenes, drama, thematic elements, and humour to make it more interesting.

What is next for you?

The second book in the Prescott Woods series, "Beds and Blazes", has its general release date on 4th October, although it will be available to VIP members with Total-E-Bound about a month earlier. It tells the story of Lowell, the burly oldest brother of the Rossi family, and Dora, curvaceous proprietress of Bohemian Rhapsody, Charade's bed and breakfast. Like "Bubbles and Troubles", there's humour, belly dancing, magical glamour, and erotic scenes to make your heart race. Soon after, my yoga-themed story, "Bent out of Shape," will be released. It's a wild romp through a billionaire's mansion, where our heroine learns just how flexible she can be.

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