After sharing ten things with us last year- Sue Moorcroft has kindly decided to tell us a little bit more about herself to mark the release of her new book The Little Village Christmas. 

The Little Village Christmas

The Little Village Christmas

I passed my bronze survival swimming qualification before I was six years old. We lived in Malta at the time so opportunities to swim were many. All the cool kids could swim well.

My childhood dog was called Tammie. I named her after the comic ‘Tammy’ then changed the spelling to pretend I hadn’t.

My current writing playlist is Green Day, Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, The Offspring, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. I hardly ever know the song titles because I don’t look – just let them play.

I’ve always wanted to visit Australia but I don’t fancy the long flight.

When I’ve written something I’m particularly pleased with I give my computer screen a double thumbs-up. This is so cringingly sad that I even embarrass myself, and I wish I could stop.

I like chocolate so much that I’ve eaten dry drinking-chocolate powder from the sachets in hotel rooms. It’s not bad, actually – a bit like chocolate sherbert.

I’ve always wanted black, thick, straight, swishy hair.

My parents were both in the army. I fully intended to join up when I was a young adult but somehow I got distracted.

I love writers’ conferences and will even go to those about genres other than my own if friends will be there.

One of my earliest ambitions was to be an author. I feel privileged every day to be living my dream.