I have become somewhat obsessed with books on minimalism, so when I came across Becker’s book, I just had to read it despite feeling well rehearsed in the ins and outs of the lifestyle that proves to be so popular today.

The More Of Less

The More Of Less

It’s inevitable that authors in this arena will overlap each other and repeat the same advice but I was thrilled to find that Becker’s book was like no other I had read.

He begins with a personal account of when minimalism started for him and rather than focusing on being overwhelmed by things- he recalls what the excess of things were denying him of- like time with his child. From chapter one he had me hooked because he is looking at it from a fresh angle.

He makes you realise that the sheer act of organising stuff takes time away from loved ones, pursuing passions, helping others and practicing self-care. So why do we do it to ourselves? Becker goes on to explain the effects that modern day expectations, advertising and peer pressure have on us and ultimately result in our desire for more.

The book makes you realise that if we remove these distractions there is space to think more clearly, feel more deeply, be more present and love more attentively. When you put it like this- why are things taking priority over the people we care most about and doing the things we yearn for so deeply?

Becker doesn’t go into great detail about how to sort out each area of your home- there are other books for this level of guidance- but rather focuses on the things your new-found freedom gives you. Freedom to pursue dreams, to discover true happiness and to help others.

The author is a big believer in devoting some of your new free time to doing something for someone else. And why not? If you reach a place where you don’t want or need anything more, there is always someone who does and likely much more desperately than you could ever imagine.  

This book takes you right from the beginning of your minimalist journey- from that lightning bolt moment- through to the other side, where you are ready to start thinking about what to do with all the freedom you have created for yourself.   

This minimalism journey is not just about you- it’s about paying it forward. You are clearing your life of things and something has to fill the gap that has formed- but it most definitely doesn’t have to be with stuff!

What a positive and fulfilling take on the minimalist movement. This book is perfect for minimalists who want to take their journey in a wider direction or people who need to find a reason to start and pare down their things so they can breathe again.

I read it in a matter of hours- a refreshing take on the genre and a must read for people who want to get more out of life. 

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