By Kevin Treasure, author of The Power of Words

Kevin Treasure

Kevin Treasure

If you are going to win in life then what you say to yourself must be in line with what you BELIEVE about yourself.

Your words are the catalyst that can trigger the change you desire in your life. However, in my studies I have found that almost a 100 per cent of the time, people who have said "I can't", never do and people who say "I can", always will. Whether it be an exam, a test, a job interview, relationships or finances.

Winners know that what you believe is often what you will become. You will never rise beyond your confession. Your words are creating your world, because what you speak about is what you'll eventually become.

So, if you are one of the many millions desiring serious change, (and we're not talking New Years' resolutions). Here are five things anybody desiring success must tell themselves each day.

Something Great Is Going To Happen To Me Today

If you are going to win in life you must have an expectancy that something great is going to happen. When you start believing and speaking like this, your expectation gives birth to manifestation. You are now reprogramming your thinking (unconsciously) to start seeing the good things that are taking place in your life. Anything bad that was taking place around you starts to become miniscule and you now begin not only to notice the good things that are happening to you; you also begin to celebrate them.

Today Is Going To Be A Productive Day.

Winners are productive. When you jump out of bed and shout, 'Today I am going to be Productive!' your productivity levels begin to go into maximum overdrive. You now begin to home in on every skill, talent and gift inside you, even the ones that were laid dormant. Many great billionaires speak to themselves every day and continue to do so, because they have tapped into the golden key that when your productivity increases so too does your net worth.

I Have Wisdom For Every Situation I Face Today

When you start your mornings off like this, now you begin to face your problems head on. Anything that comes your way throughout the day that seems to be problematic you have already geared your brain to know. Whatever I face, I already have the answers to not only solve the problem but use the problem to my advantage.

Now you will begin to see problems as opportunities, the fear factor of facing problems will leave and you will use problems as a stepping stone to promotion. Winners know that the bigger the problem you solve, the higher the pay bracket. Winners solve problems!

I Cannot Be Stopped

You're a winner! You're unstoppable. Everything that stood in the way of your success is small in comparison to the success story that is currently unfolding in your life. Remember that every winner whoever stood on the podium of life had to face obstacles, but they overcame them. However, they refused to be stopped. Defeat was not an option and setbacks were really a setup. Winners have a resounding surety that no matter how long it takes, they are going to make it. You are going to make it. You won't stop until you WIN. Winners know they were born to win.

I Am Always In The Right Place At The Right Time

This is paramount. Being in the right place at the right time introduces you to the right people. When the right people enter your life, the right things will start to happen in your life. Likewise, when the wrong people exit your life, wrong things usually stop happening. So make up your mind that you are always going to be in the right place at the right time. Promotions and opportunities are everywhere; you have to expect to be in the right place at the right time to receive them. Others will call it luck or a coincidence, but you will know this is what you've been expecting, because it is what you believe would happen. Winners expect results.

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