By their very nature, secrets are exciting, thrilling and attention grabbing. They create tension, stimulate the imagination and thus enriching your writing.

Secrets cannot be told - or can they? Cleverly incorporated into your fiction, you can tell the world safe in the knowledge you've not actually uttered a word.

We've all met someone who tells you 'they're not meant to say anything but….' Take note of their body language, the gleam in their eyes and the way they lean close to confide in hushed tones. Use these mannerisms to deepen your characters in your writing and notice how they come to life. People watching is a must for a writer so look out for those who are hiding a secret.

Revenge is a dish best served cold so they say, and what better way of executing retribution on someone who has upset you than by secretly putting them into one of your scenes. By changing their name and description (so they don't recognise themselves) you can execute retribution. Giving them something nasty like a massive spot appearing on their chin just before a special date, or having them walk past the boss with their skirt tucked into their knickers as they return from the ladies is guaranteed to make you laugh and add humour to your writing.

Secretly wanted to win Strictly, date a sea captain, or beat a world class racing champion on the track? Enjoy living out your fantasy on the page or screen. You will be so caught up in your story it will spring to life without you having to use those dreaded adjectives or adverbs.

Got a guilty secret? How better to get it off your chest than by having your character owning up to it. By the time you've dreamed up a suitable protagonist and embellished the story, your own discretion will look insignificant leaving you feeling a whole lot better.

Had a secret failure? Write about how different life could have been if you'd met with success. It might even make you realise things turned out for the best after all. It's your choice which way you take things and your writing will ring with authenticity.

Something playing on your mind you can't speak about? Write or tap it out to get it off your chest. A secret problem or guilt always makes a good starting point and who knows by the end of the story, your character might even have solved the problem for you.

Readers love to feel they are sharing in a secret, especially something wicked or naughty so by introducing one into your story you will immediately grab their attention. What more can a writer ask for?

Secrets sell. Editors like writing that sizzles. Your secret might grab the attention of one, leading to a commission and a nice fat cheque. Well, we all have our secret dream!