Looking for some simple tips on getting Wicked Healthy? Here are a few that we showcase in the Wicked Healthy Cookbook and that we like to emphasize when sharing with others:

Chad and Derek Sarno

Chad and Derek Sarno

It doesn’t need to be complicated. Break through the noise of nutrition confusion and emphasize plants no matter what diet you currently follow. Simply reduce or eliminate animal products and/or processed foods from all your meals. At Wicked Healthy, we are Plant-Pushers after all. 

Get to know your local farmers markets, produce and bulk sections of your local grocery. Understanding how to fill your basket is the first step to being Wicked Healthy. Step out of your comfort zone and try some ingredients you may not be familiar with, whether it be an unusual type of green vegetable, a wild mushroom or a new kind of bean.

Batch cooking is essential to sustaining plant-based diet. When you are embracing more plants and less bags and boxes a bit more prep may be needed for all that chopping. Batch cooking and prepping are so worth incorporating into your week. Make a large batch of beans, rather than just for a single dish. Use them for soup, salads, and even dips throughout the week. Roast a good amount of vegetables at once to use also for sandwiches, stir fries or salads for your weekly meals. Prepping larger batches of items to have on hand will make cooking more enjoyable when you can reach into the fridge and have some ready-to-grab ingredients at your finger tips.

Plan ahead and mise en place your ingredients before cooking, which literally translates to ‘setting in place’. Making sure that all your ingredients are prepped, sauces are made, cans are open etc and ready to cook BEFORE firing up that pan is essential for a successful, stress-free meal.

Consider timing when making your meals. Take a common stir fry with rice for example. Start the rice or grain before heating up that wok, prep your vegetables while this is cooking if they are not prepped in advance, and make your sauce before starting to cook. This way, when timing is considered all meal components are ready at the same time.

Focus on some simple techniques that will turn those common ingredients into showcase dishes, such as our press and sear technique with mushrooms, steaming your greens and vegetables, and roasting properly for those heartier veg.

Flavor first. One of the most common misperceptions of eating healthier is that food lacks in flavor. That is far from the truth. Kick up the spice with aromatics such as a variety of chilies, ginger and garlic. Add a handful of fresh herbs to transform any dish from good to kick ass, or a squeeze of lemon to brighten up those flavors. Finish your roasted, pressed or steamed vegetables with a flavorful sauce, and keep in mind that techniques such as grilling, roasting, pan frying, and sautéing add a ton of flavor and caramelization to your dishes.

The Wicked Healthy Cookbook is published by Sphere on 31st May 2018 and is available for pre-order on Amazon and at Waterstones.