Give yourself a heaping dose of daily Laughter even if you have to make yourself belly laugh like you’re the star of a comedy that’s been nominated for an Oscar! Laughing decreases stress hormones, boosts your immune system & triggers the release of feel good chemicals.

Therapy Twins

Therapy Twins

Don’t underestimate the power of listening to Music. TherapyTwins say the Louder the better. When you listen to music that’s pleasing it releases Dopamine or shall we say...enhances mood, cognition & creativity!

Get a dose of Nature daily- Even if it’s through glass! Don’t forget to stop & smell the Roses...literally, as it’s a lesson on being present in the moment. This can jumpstart your Mindfulness.

Upon awakening think about what actions today will make other peoples’ lives easier! Yup that’s right- cause if you’re part of the Community your life will become noticeably easier too!

Check the Motivation behind your behavior. If it’s riddled with anger, vindictiveness, jealousy or fear you may want to rethink & ask yourself: What would kindness do? What would integrity do? What would love do?

Remember everything people say & do is all about them! What? So even if it was hurtful it says more about the person than you. Therefore not every action (insulting or nasty words) needs a reaction.

This goes for our actions & words as well. Everything I say & do is really All about Me! What'd you say? Start looking for Themes. What are you really trying to convey? This is a great way to increase self awareness (Maybe I'm the control freak; Maybe I’m the angry one) We know...Sounds a bit prickly & a sure way to bruise your ego so stock up on those bandaids!

If exploring the new you seems too scary...Remember fear is simply the unknown...TherapyTwins encourage you to be the next Marco Polo!

Forgiveness is the new ‘F’word! Forgiveness doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or it was Ok...It wasn’t! It really has nothing to do with the one who did you wrong! It’s about Letting Go & setting yourself Free from the pain. TherapyTwins suggest trying the ‘Return to Sender’ Technique:

“Thank you _______for that negative experience. I’d like to return it to you with Love for your own emotional & healing. I give thanks.”

Make sure this is done behind the persons back. Not to their face...and yes, you must use the words, Thank you & Love  

Gratefulness is one of the most powerful energies in the Universe. The 2 words that can move mountains are not “Love You” They are “Thank You” Now is # 8 making more sense? Remember your ‘job’ as a homosapien is to Experience. So don’t forget to be grateful for both the positive & negative!

Have an ongoing conversation with someone or something outside of yourself. It can be Mother Nature, or the plant in your Flat ...A deceased loved one, your God or Universe. TherapyTwins recommend speaking aloud even if your neighbors think you’re ‘different’. Though it’s important for some to vent negatively ...Our words tend to be Boomerangs so choose the kind ones!

TherapyTwins Give the Green Light to Love More & Fear Less !!