1. I am lucky to still be on this planet, having survived numerous helicopter crashes, termed euphemistically as ‘hard landings’, and walked away without a scratch. I was not the pilot! (My family prefer us to drive to our holiday destinations for this main reason.) My work and career has led me to many places across the globe but I am now a full time author and artist having previously run my own design and research consultancy. I produced all the artwork within my four volumes.

Outremer II is out now

Outremer II is out now

2. I consider that service to others is far more important than service to self. I have spent my life trying to live by this simple rule. I was for a long time very naive to the realities of how people can treat others. I only ever saw the best in people. I still do and refuse to become cynical, but the harsh realities of this world did and still do concern me. This led me to study as much as I could on all the major religions, including the not so well known philosophies. Consequently the main motivation for my Outremer series of books was to try writing something that will make people think. To make a change that would help heal the divide between faiths. My books are huge, different I hope in a good way and not the typical industry standard.

3. I would say that I consider myself to be a spiritual, not necessarily religious person, for there is a massive difference. I have learnt and believe religion is a vehicle used to impart certain moral rules and guidelines, sadly often grossly misunderstood or interpreted, but also to carry intact, very real complex mathematical and harmonic codes, which to me at least clearly demonstrates there is a higher intelligence behind all of it. We are only now waking up to see those codes as our own scientific and technological knowledge grows; beforehand we could not recognise them for what they are. I believe my books explain this in some depth.

4. I have always loved to travel, still do and will until the day I depart. I am a born adventurer and scaling a Scottish mountain in a wheel chair in old age is probably how I will exit this world! I was lucky enough to have travelled extensively in my early formative years to places such as Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, and Jordan as well as other countries around the world. The whole of the Middle East held a special place in my heart, but Cyprus, the island of love as it is known, certainly had a profound effect upon me where I lived for many years. I recall seeing smoke stacks on the far horizon across the Sea whilst high up in the Troodos Mountains and being shocked to learn they were in fact fires from conflict in the Lebanon because of differing religious views.

5. Family is the most important thing in the world. Nothing else matters; it is what motivates me daily...for having children fundamentally changes you as a person. It certainly did me. It made me far more conscious of doing dangerous activities and sports. I believe it is nature’s way of guaranteeing you look after yourself better in order to protect and provide for your young. A good friend of mine challenged me on this belief until he too had children. He now cries over sad adverts...is far more cautious and developed a real fear of heights he never had before. I always hated heights!

6. In life, things that scare me, I try to learn all about and understand. That meant taking up rock climbing despite that fear of heights to learning all about war and politics to try and understand the world I find myself in. But that in turn makes me far more appreciative of the things I do have in life.

7. I hope to learn to play the harp one day. My children rolled their eyes when I informed them of this great news! My attempts at learning the guitar are farcical and embarrassing to say the least so I am hoping for better luck with a harp. The harp has special significance within my books so it only seems fitting that I attempt to master the instrument.

8. I love to read and write. I discovered the power of writing at school when I wrote a short emotional story which made my English teacher cry and she gave me my first ever AA star mark. I have composed several poems within my books so we shall see how they are received. I read literally anything from poetry to quantum physics...from sweeping female romances to epic historical stories. It all depends upon the mood I am in or work I am researching.

9. My greatest passion however is for all things ancient and the more spiritual, mysterious or mystical, the better for me. A trip out to a castle, even an old section of wall, and I am there. I have lain inside the sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid and climbed sheer rock faces in Arabia...remember I hate heights, in pursuit of my passion. I have suffered many broken bones and carry scars from previous adventures, but I enjoy parachuting when I can, and still love the great outdoors, Scotland and Ireland being my two most favourite locations in the world. I tell people that I may have been born English, but my heart belongs to Ireland, my soul to Scotland and my body to Wales.

10. I can often be found walking in a wood for hours on end... a forest has to be the best therapy ever, especially with my constant companion, my dog whom I nicknamed ‘Shadow’ as he is constantly there beside me. But still my most favourite activity in the world has to be wrapped up warm sat in my studio in England or my glorified shed in France, cup of tea to hand, gentle music, mainly film soundtracks, playing away and a good book. My library is quite extensive. The Peanuts books and Snoopy however will always remain supreme!

D N Carter's Outremer II is out now.

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