Having been naturally open to psychic realms since childhood and without the knowledge of how to ‘turn off’ my psychic abilities, my life has been full of scary moments.

Tina Hope-Darby

Tina Hope-Darby

Early childhood certainly had its moments as I was not only seeing people that others were not (some good and some bad), but also there were occasions when I would meet a person, a neighbour or relative and experience a dreadful sense of unease; can you imagine how utterly alarming and disturbing it would be for a child to then find out that the person had subsequently died? There were times when I thought that I was responsible for that death and the whole death and dying thing took on macabre proportions in my young mind.

However, I have found fear is a fickle mistress and she comes in all shapes and sizes; events that may be downright horrifying when first experienced, can become mundane when exposed to frequently.

I was hesitant to write an article on my 10-scariest moments. Taken out of the context of my somewhat unusual life and upbringing and the correspondingly unusual events that I have been exposed to, they might appear as the ramblings of a crazy-woman. On the basis that this is a woman’s magazine and women are by far the most psychic of the species, I reasoned that enough of you will have had psychic experiences for me to retain at least a hint of credibility; so here goes!

From childhood seeing a tall dark figure standing close to my cot silently watching me every night

Being slapped awake a few years ago by an entity which left a red imprint on my face for days

After a prolonged period of sleep deprivation, being told by a spirit that I would be dead within three months

Witnessing cutlery being hurled around a kitchen by something unseen in a house that my husband and I were exorcising

Witnessing ghoulish creatures moving around and overshadowing people who like myself were meditating in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

Being drawn into a low astral realm which was clearly of a hell vibration whilst staying in a top Cairo hotel and struggling to get back and when I did get back, struggling to maintain my equilibrium for several days

Driving home on my own late at night with a spirit sitting in the back seat throughout the journey

Cutting up vegetables, put the knife down and watched it fade from view never to be found again

A voice calling me from another room when I was alone in the house

A friend’s daughter asking me who the little girl in the middle bedroom playing with dolls was; needless to say there was no other little girl in the house

About Tina

Tina has released an autobiography entitled ‘The Unseen Enemy’ that recounts a lifetime’s involvement with the psychic world, both in and out of public view. Tina is considered by many to be one of the UK’s leading psychic consultants and has a remarkable knowledge and understanding of the many spheres which we simultaneously occupy.

After many years as a top celebrity psychic on Sky TV, Tina who was known by millions of viewers for her incredible insight, compassion and depth of understanding, quit TV to write a remarkable autobiography, The Unseen Enemy.

Her book can be bought through Amazon, Waterstones and directly from www.theunseenenemy.co.uk.