Author of new Mind, Body and Spirit short-story book Under The Ivy

Marcia Lake

Marcia Lake


Spirit guides can be people who have passed over and who were known to the person, such as relatives or friends.  But they can also come in the guise of total strangers or animals, including beloved pets.  In my case, my spirit guide is my former dance teacher, who was my mentor in life. Whatever their form, their messages emanate from the heart and are concerned with having a positive impact in our lives.


Guides give us signs to nudge us forward in life, setting us down the path of self-fulfilment we were meant to take.  For example, it could be a repeated song on the radio or an overheard conversation that acts as the sign.  It could also be a ‘chance’ meeting. The meaning, however, is special for the individual and will be understood. When my nan died I found a pure white feather, and it was a sign she was looking out for me. My spirit guide, meanwhile, gave me the courage to sing and become an author, and her gentle encouragement has truly transformed my life.


Spirit guides sometimes warn us against certain things or actions to protect us from harm.  My personal guide once warned me against getting involved with a friend who could have dragged me down into their spiral of self-destruction.  They can make an appearance in dreams or sometimes speak through our feelings to warn us.  If we feel fear in a situation for no obviously apparent reason it may be our guardian spirits trying to let us know that something is not right. We need to learn to trust our gut instinct.


Though they exist on another plane, guides can be contacted and communicated with through the help of a psychic, or through meditation and dreams. Their messages are often simple, repetitive and direct, and are connected with where you are in life.  Make sure, however, that you choose a psychic with good credentials and who can be trusted, as there are many charlatans out there.


A good way of connecting with guides is to keep a journal. Ask specific questions that can be answered by your guide by dreams or a sign.  The more specific the question, the better the answer will be.  You can also write a question and answer it with the hand you don't normally write with.  You may amaze yourself.


Guides can also be contacted through prayer. Sometimes they never take physical form but prayer will open up the channels to connect with them. Be sure, however, to protect yourself and ask the archangel Michael for his protection during this process, as there is always a danger of connecting with malevolent forces instead. A good starting place to learn more would be Archangels and Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue.

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