I carry a book with me everywhere I go

I’ve done this ever since I was little. I tend to slip a book into my handbag before I go out and often sneak a few pages of reading in while waiting at appointments or for friends to turn up to a lunch date.

Vanessa Carnevale

Vanessa Carnevale

I love collecting teacups

Not only do I like drinking tea (I have a cupboard filled with lots of different kinds of herbal tea) but I love adding China teacups to my collection. They’re not for show gathering dust in a cupboard though, because life’s too short for that!

I secretly wish I could paint

One day I’m going to take a watercolour art class. My favourite watercolour painter is Australian artist, Louise De Masi, who paints gorgeous botanical prints, some of which I have on the wall in my writing room.

I’m besotted with flowers

Ever since writing The Memories of Us, I’ve been obsessed with flowers and growing my own. I always keep a vase of fresh blooms on my desk and through spring when my garden is in bloom I often give bunches away to friends and neighbours.

I adore travelling

I don’t particularly like flying. Or packing. Or unpacking. But I love visiting new cities and countries, especially within Europe. Fun fact: I once worked as a travel agent. Current bucket list: European River Cruise.

One day I would like to write a screenplay

Let’s file this one under “bucket list”, shall we?

One day I would like to buy (and possibly renovate) a cottage in the country

An old miner’s cottage would do—a cute little weatherboard with wisteria growing on the outside, a pastel blue front door, a wraparound porch, French windows, internal barn doors and of course my own mini flower farm in the backyard. Must have: open fireplace, ample shelving for books and a cosy reading nook.

I normally don’t know how my books will end

Sometimes I find not knowing how a book will end completely terrifying, and other times I see it as a blessing. One thing I do know is that if I just keep trusting the story, the end will come. (Even if I have to rewrite it countless times.)

If I could meet one famous person in my lifetime it would be…

Oprah. Definitely Oprah!

The Memories of Us is available in paperback on 12 July.