Author Vicki Bradley writes an exclusive piece for Female First
Author Vicki Bradley writes an exclusive piece for Female First

To celebrate the release of her new book Your Life or Mine, author Vicki Bradley has written an exclusive piece for Female First, giving her 'seven things' she wants all of her readers to know about her!

1. The ideas for my novels always stem from my worst fears

For my latest novel, Your Life or Mine, I’ve been on a career break from the police and I’ve missed my work friends and being part of the team. I haven’t seen anyone because of the pandemic and that sense of isolation and loss became the theme of this book but ramped up of course. In the book DC Loxton’s police friends are being kidnapped and she needs to find out why and stop it before it’s too late for them. After I’ve written a book and I’m re-reading it, I’m always amazed at how much my life has seeped into the books without me even realising.

2. I never expected to be a full-time writer

When I was younger being a full-time writer seemed like a ridiculous pipe dream and something I kept to myself. I did an English Literature degree and then joined the police and wrote secretly in my spare time. I’ve enjoyed an amazing career in the police, but I was lucky enough in 2018 to win the Bradford Literary Festival competition with my first novel, Before I Say I Do, which changed everything and led to a two-book deal with Simon and Schuster. And I was lucky enough that the Metropolitan police have allowed me to take a five-year career-break to pursue writing. I would encourage anyone who has a dream to keep at it and don’t give up, even if it takes you as long as I have to get there.

3. My favourite crime writers are Nicci French, Liane Moriarty, Clare Mackintosh and Louise Candlish

They're all amazing at characters and that's what draws me to a story. I love the way they put ordinary people into the most extraordinary circumstances, and I always feel like I can relate to their characters so much, they jump off the page. To me character is everything in writing.

4. During the Pandemic I’ve failed to learn a language as I intended but I have become a Mum for the first time

In many ways having a new-born in a pandemic has been easier, because there’s been no pressure to go out and see people when you’re tired and getting to grips with motherhood (like how to use the changing station in coffee shops!). Also my husband has been working from home, which has meant an extra pair of hands in the early months. But like everyone it’s been so hard not seeing friends and family and I can’t wait for my son to meet people soon!

5. I have an identical twin sister

I’ve always thought identical twins could commit the perfect crime and when I worked in North London there were identical twins who were burglars. Whenever their DNA was linked to your crime scene you knew you had a job on your hands trying to prove which twin it was as they always immediately tried to blame each other. I’d love to write a crime fiction about twins but alas I think it’s been overdone!

6. Next for me is Book 3 of this detective series

The third book is about identity and what makes us who we are. I'm fascinated with identity, probably because I'm an identical twin, and what makes a person unique and behave in their own particular way. I’m also interested in how social media and technology are changing who we think we are, as now we have the whole world to compare ourselves to, and how this impacts on our lives and the jealousies we harbour that in this book become deadly.

7. My guilty pleasure at the moment is The Crown

When you have a three-month-old there isn’t much time to relax, but I now get a precious hour in the evenings when I can switch off and get lost in a completely different world to nappy changes, I think that is the appeal!

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