Reading is one of my great loves. Like all writers, I read a lot. Reading is a source of ideas and inspiration, a “standing on the shoulders of giants” you could say. While I love mysteries, I’m an eclectic reader, with economics and politics leading the way. An interest in current affairs/politics and my fascination with Africa led to the creation of Sometimes the Darkness.

Sometimes the Darkness

Sometimes the Darkness

I was a rock drummer While in college, I did a stint as a rock drummer. I was no John Bonham. My band had so many large amplifiers and was so loud a bar owner accused us of breaking the pipes in the lady’s room from the vibrations. Although I no longer drum, I still love rock music and keep a file of funny band name I create in my computer.

I love dogs especially Irish Wolfhounds When I was very young, I spent most of my days with dogs running in the fields and woods around our home. I have a great affinity with dogs, like a whisperer I expect. Years ago, I kept Irish Wolfhounds, a breed I love and still try to support. Living in a city and traveling has kept me from having a dog for many years.

My grandfather’s name is my pen name Many heroes go unnoticed simply because others don’t know their story. When people learn their stories, they often find the champions they seek. Good, honest and caring people-the everyday hero. That was my grandfather. Quiet and hard-working, he had more common sense than anyone I’ve ever known and not a prejudiced bone in his body.

Writing short stories is like eating potato chips Writing a novel is hard work. While I’m not saying writing a short story is easy, it’s, for me, fun. I love taking an idea and seeing where it goes in a few pages. I find it a very satisfying and expressive medium. When I venture into the realm of fright and horror, it’s the short story that takes me there. The three ghost tales I’ve written are all short stories. I could write short stories all the time.

I’m always trying make the perfect Martini I don’t drink many martinis, but I do love the effort to find the perfect martini. While most of my research forms around the types of gin and vermouth and their measures and ratios, I do like moving outside my comfort zone to consider a Vesper Martini, or just how much brine makes a martini acceptably dirty.

I can fly an airplane but am not a licensed pilot If push came to shove, I could climb into a small plane and take it anywhere. I have nearly enough hours of pilot training to solo but stopped when my professional schedule got in the way. I’ve actually flown in the co-pilot seat of the Beech C-45 I feature in my novel. It was an overnight mail run done in clouds and fog and almost out of fuel when we landed, That’s another story.

I had a pet crow as a child Crows are brilliant birds, full of mischief and intelligence. My best friend and I stole two from a nest and raised them. This is not a practice I now endorse. I spent hours with it standing in my hands while it flapped its wings, practicing, until it learned to fly. As an adult crow, it would steal my aunt's lit cigarettes as she sat on our porch, smoking. I’m surprised we didn’t have a great many fires.

I love old movies I do love old movies. So much so, that I have divided my Top Ten Movies list into pre-1960 and post-1960 (a Top Twenty list is so unofficial). Casablanca, the Third Man and The Searchers are my top three.

I’m an artist I paint and draw with some proficiency. It comes in handy when playing Pictionary or Oodles of Doodles. People want me as a teammate. In some small way, it makes up for all the times I was passed by when being picked to play baseball in grade-school.

About the author: Will Campbell is the pen name of Stephen Weir. He lives in Charleston and Greenville, WV. Stephen Weir is a former certified economic developer (CEcD) with over thirty years experience managing economic development organisations from the city to state level. He has also worked in international trade, helping establish the West Virginia’s first international trade office in Nagoya, Japan. He has previously published economic development articles and op-ed pieces in the Economic Development Review, West Virginia Executive Magazine and the Charleston Daily Mail and Gazette. His interest in politics, literature and writing led to the penning of his debut novel. Sometimes the Darkness by Will Campbell (published by Clink Street Publishing 3rd October 2017 RRP £9.99 paperback and RRP £4.99 ebook) is available to purchase from online retailers including and to order from all good bookstores.