Wrong Pace Wrong Time

Wrong Pace Wrong Time

1. What can you tell our readers about your new book Wrong Place Wrong Time?

The book was published in June this year and it is based on my visit to Spain 20 years where after saving two lives from a hotel fire I was wrongly arrested for arson and manslaughter.

2. The story is based on true events, so what made you want to tell your tale?

I was encouraged by my late father to write it many years ago. I stored the story away and then a few years ago after having a meeting with a friend/editor, she said David, you have expressed how the nightmare still haunts you, so why not put it down on paper, a bit like therapy and it really helped me come to terms with the events and what I faced in Spain.

3. You went from everything to losing it all, so tell us about your life prior to the events in the book.

My life was good. I was in my mid-twenties, had a great career that I enjoyed, earning a decent salary, owned my apartment and had a very good social life. I was young and free, in fact one review mentions me as being spoilt middle class with attitudes with a casual approach to my then sex life and general self-indulgence, maybe a bit cocky but I was enjoying life, like most people in that position. I was living in London with everything a fingertip away.

4. You have had a lot of positive reviews on your work, so which one has touched you the most?

Firstly I am rather taken aback by the number of 5 star reviews. I'm not a writer, but I must say I do have the bug now, and Wrong Place Wrong Time is my first book. There are of course some negative reviews but that was expected as people may not have liked my attitude or my wrong doings, which I hold my hands up to. But getting back to your question, there are a number of heart-warming reviews that made me think how kind people have been towards me. The reviews that do bring a smile to my face are the ones saying that I have touched their hearts and that they felt every emotion with me. That stunned me to be honest.

5. How did it feel while re-living the events as you were writing this book?

It was very odd. Writing and then reading back the draft and the final MS, my head was full of emotions, thinking did this really happen to me, how stupid I'd been and all the situations I ended up in. It was rather surreal.

6. Tell us about your life now, following the release of the book.

The book has been very well received around the world as an eBook on Amazon. It is self-published as I do not have an agent and I do all my own marketing, which keeps me very busy. Even as I write this, authors from America have tweeted me to say how much they have enjoyed the book and will be placing a 5 star reviews on Amazon. Another tweet yesterday also commented on what a great movie the story would make as it is true. One day hopefully, fingers crossed.

7. Now you have written your first book, do you have an inclination to write another?

Yes I do. I have three in the pipeline, just pondering which one to go with first.

8. What have you learned about yourself from writing this book?

I'm a lot older and wiser from when the events happen in Spain, so growing up for a start. Also whenever one has a problem or are in a bad situation, do not hide away from it, be open and let it flow from your system. Most importantly as you will read in the book, family are always there for you. No matter how bleak the circumstances maybe, they are your family, and my family during the time of the events were wonderful and still are. In fact, going back to your earlier question about which review touched me, there is one about my family and how fantastic, warm and supportive they were and still are.

9. What is next for you?

Writing. I've had many authors saying how impressed they are with how my book is ranking in both the UK and USA, which is down to constant marketing, so when I suggested that my next book could well be "How to market an eBook", they all give me positive remarks, so that well could be the next one. Watch this space.

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