I fell into psychology and personal development when I was small thanks to my mother, a teacher. I later became an advertising creative, but with the double hat of creative and life coach.

Raphaelle Giordano by Felicien Delorme

Raphaelle Giordano by Felicien Delorme

My DNA is creativity. I write, I paint, I am continually looking for ideas. For me creativity provides the greatest resource to always be able to bounce back.

I have a twin sister. This unique and magical link has developed a type of very acute emotional and relational awareness. Being a twin allows you to experience an almost instantaneous mutual comprehension, a rare and astonishing connection.

You can be unusual, and not fit easily into any box, and still find your way, by accepting your innermost nature. I’m the proof!

Before “Your Second Life”, I wrote a novel which had nothing to do with personal development and which didn’t get published. I got 15 refusal letters. Which just goes to show that you should never give up.

When I was a child, a not very nice teacher told me I was too odd to get anywhere in life. But I have proved them wrong by creating a life that suits me perfectly.

My favourite dessert is cherry clafoutis, because for me “The Time of Cherries”* is the art of celebrating life in all its guises.

I like happy endings and I am an irrepressible optimist. In life I think believing in your goal is half the battle.

I am just as passionate about painting as I am about human relationships. In both cases, the aim is to perceive the secrets of harmony.

I dance Argentinian tango and I like the idea of a life that reflects that dance: full of passion, alive with emotions, expressive, intense, sensual. My worst nightmare would be an insipid existence.

* The Time of Cherries is a famous French revolutionary song. The "Time of Cherries" is a metaphor for what life will be like when a revolution has changed social and economic conditions.