American lifestyle queen MARTHA STEWART returned to the headquarters of her New York company MARTHA STEWART LIVING this morning (07MAR05) to thank staff for supporting her while she served a five-month prison term.

Stewart was released two days early on Friday (04MAR05) and spent the weekend filming image-improving home videos at her upstate New York home surrounded by family and friends.

After receiving a standing ovation from her employees at her return to work, Stewart said, "I've read, I've reflected upon the past; on my own life, and to consider what's really and truly important to me."

Stewart is set to visit her probation officer later today (07MAR05), when she'll be fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet. She'll then begin a five month house arrest spell.

As part of this, Stewart's movement will be monitored and she'll only be able to leave her estate to collect groceries and visit the doctor and dentist, unless otherwise agreed with her probation officer.

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