Stressed single women down a billion litres of wine as sales of wine to record levels in Britain last year, a new report shows.

The report by James McCoy, shows the number of drinkers are going out during the working week has increased considerably and the biggest increase is within the more affluent, mid-life singles as portrayed by Rennee Zellweggers Bridget Jones.

These are women that work in good jobs and as such have quality liesure time combined with a high level of disposable income, and are more than happy spend on luxuries such as wine.

Wine seen as a less fattening alternative to beer has fast become the favourite tipple among young business women both in and out of the home.

With wine sales increasing by more than 35 per cent since 1999 to an estimated £7.5 billion last year, and predicted to reach in excess of £10 billion within the next four to five years, and with the new 24 hour dinking laws this figure could be reached sooner.

With films like Sideways, also help to increase of the drink, when released in the States their was a 20% increase in Pinot wines during the weeks following, in the areas that showed the film

Sixty-nine per cent of British women drink wine compared with 62 per cent of men. Both sexes drink similar amounts at home but the difference appears when drinking out.

Thirty-six per cent of women drink white wine in clubs and pub while red wine is consumed by 31 per cent of women.

source Mintel