So how many times do you sigh each day? Do you huff and puff your way through your emails? Groan through the towering pile of paperwork on your desk and tut tut yourself into oblivion as someone else dumps their work on you?

Carole Ann Rice writes for Female First

Carole Ann Rice writes for Female First

When we tolerate the small displeasures in life we very slowly start to drain away our energy. Putting up with the unacceptable renders us powerless and frustrated. Aim to tolerate less and create a streamlined, effective and annoyance free way of working. It takes some effort but the rewards are worth the investment.

Here are a few simple ways of creating a healthy and dynamic work flow which will boost your energy, your productivity and your feel good factor in all that you do.

  • Aim to make your work environment support you. Clear your desk of rubbish, create filing systems that work and practice the three “D’s” system when it comes to paper work – Do it, Dump it or Delegate it. Your desk should be clutter free, your chair and PC (if using one) ergonomically designed to support your posture and lighting should be kind to your eyes to prevent strain and migraines. Ask for help if you feel these things are not satisfactory.
  • Say “no” much more often. Being quietly assertive and not saying “yes” in order to look nice or be helpful when it means it overloads you, will help you gain respect and keep healthy boundaries with people. Aim to be top dog, not dog’s body and when you say “no” - mean it. You will be surprised how other people will honour this and will cope without your eternal, ever-generous support.
  • Practice self care. Eating lunch at your desk while answering the phone is not giving yourself a restorative break. Invest in good, healthy (preferably organic) meals taken outside the work environment and go for lunch time walks. Don’t always feel you have to be available. Even switching your mobile off from time to time or timing your emails to come in on the hour will mean your energy is less dissipated and you feel more focused and refreshed.

We have to consciously choose to tolerate less. To create healthy boundaries with ourselves, our work and our colleagues takes courage and consideration. An added bonus of this degree of conscious self-care and responsible selfishness is increased energy, more time and best of all a growing respect from others. Start making your list of tolerations today and vow to zap them all.

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