The Apprentice is back. Last night we were introduced to the 18 candidates hoping to win investment from Alan Sugar, which saw them tasked with selling 'antiques' to the general public. Unfortunately, things didn't go too well and there was more than a fair share of cringe worthy moments.

Top Apprentice fails – what not to learn from this year’s candidates

Top Apprentice fails – what not to learn from this year’s candidates

City Calling, the job network, has revealed what not to learn from last night's episode of The Apprentice. As experts in the world of jobs, the City Calling team has advised how to handle situations better than last night's candidates.

1. Don't gender stereotype

The contestants were too quick to judge the other sex, with Aleksandra beating her chest like a gorilla and Nagesan saying team Nebula would get emotional (most likely when they find out what Nebula means).

2. Don't make up the meaning of words

Aleksandra, Nebula is a cloud of gas, gas!

3. Don't 'wing it'

The project manager on team Titan, didn't have a plan and wanted to move forward 'and run with this on his toes'. Is this a mobile strategy? Not quite a mobile strategy…

4. Don't sell antiques off the back of a van like Del and Rodney

Put a pricing strategy in place, so you don't end up looking like a fool.

5. Don't under-sell

Not knowing the value of a product of is a massive faux-pas. Oops Frances you sold a £300 chair for £17.50.

6. Don't waste people's time

Always know your audience, we feel sorry for that 18th century antiques dealer being pitched a 1970s drinks trolley by team Titan.

7. Don't forget to use your brain

Very often ideas don't always go to plan, so use your initiative. For example, when trying to find someone like Grainne and Alana did. Share a pin!

8. Don't let the caffeine do the talking

Rebecca lost her head slightly in a stressful situation, this can be easily avoided, take down the caffeine a peg…

9. Don't forget to check your watch

Time management is crucial, monitor it! A red flag will pop up when you start trading at 5PM…

10. Don't beg for your jobs

Knowing how to argue with your boss is very important. Rebecca 'I really want to be here' is not going to fly in the real world.

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