Celebrity relationships don’t really have a good reputation as far as longevity goes. Although we have couples like Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds, and John Legend & Chrissy Teigen to swoon over, most celeb relationships are stripped of all their glam within a few years, even days.

And yet, aside from the couples where both partners are famous, there are many examples of happy relationships where only one partner is a celebrity. These relationships don’t always stay in the spotlight and may not be acclaimed as “power couples,” but they’re definitely something you can learn from.  



At first, dating a celebrity can seem complicated. Your love has to fight against busy schedules, long distances, and public opinion. But, in the end, celebrities are people too, and the foundation of your relationship needs to be the same: love, trust, and respect.  

And yet, even when you have these three pillars in your relationship, you might come across some bumps along the way. That’s completely normal, and if you make it past them, what you have will be stronger. Here are some valuable tips that can help you overcome the most challenging parts of dating a famous person. 

Find time for one another

If there’s one challenge that all celebrity relationships have in common, that will be the lack of time spent together. Celebrities often have to go on press tours, have busy filming schedules, and need to travel extensively for work, leaving as little as just a few weeks per year for their loved ones. When that happens, you must make the most out of every minute spent together and find little windows of opportunity in otherwise busy schedules. For example, one trick that Megan Markle and Prince Harry had when they were dating is that they never spent more than 14 days apart, even if that meant booking trans-Atlantic flights to see each other. Even if that’s not always possible, try to stay in touch by Facetiming one a day talking about what’s going in your lives.  

Find similar interests 

If the two of you got together via a dating app, you were matched because you had some common interests. Don’t forget about them! When your relationship is going through a rough patch, shared interests can bind you back together and remind you why you formed a couple, to begin with. Whether it’s a similar sense of humour, your love for the same band, or just shared family values, never underestimate how these details can nurture your relationship. And, another important tip, take up new hobbies together. They’re not just a fun way to spend time, but also a way to grow your friendship (yes, being best buddies with your romantic partner is very important). 

 Really listen to each other

For a regular person, a celebrity’s problems may sound absolutely crazy. And, the other way around, celebrities may find that the problems of an ordinary person are too simple. If you want to make the relationship work, you need to overcome these two cognitive biases and learn how to listen. As tempting as it might be to prove to the other person that their problems aren’t that bad or to compulsively suggest solutions, sometimes just being there and listening is what does the trick.  

Be supportive 

Celebrities have teams of dozens of people doing their hair & makeup, choosing designer clothes, scheduling their meetings, and managing their personal brand. They also have hoards of fans praising their every outfit and public appearance. And yet, in the eyes of a celebrity, support from their loved ones means so much more than the fleeting appreciation from fans. You should also keep in mind that celebrities’ careers are under constant scrutiny and they’re often criticised for decisions outside of their control, so your support is all the more important, even if you can’t empathise that easily or put yourself in their shoes. Support also matters because celebrities often have low self-esteem and question their own strengths. 

Be patient 

Having a hot temper and expecting everything at once doesn’t go hand in hand with long distances and complicated schedules, so one of the first things you’ll need to work on is more patience. Patience to understand your partner’s lifestyle, the people they hang out with and why they hang out with them, and what they’re looking for in a relationship. One common dynamic when dating a celebrity is that things seem perfect and exciting at first, but then as soon as problems appear, people feel discouraged and don’t want to deal with a potentially complicated relationship. However, if you care for that person and want to make things work, you have to stop yourself from labelling them and having more patience to work on your issues.

Don’t let jealousy in 

It takes a lot of self-confidence to date a celebrity, especially knowing that they’re coveted by an army of fans. They also hang out with other attractive famous people, and technically they could have anyone they wanted. In small doses, jealousy can be flattering and even motivate you to be the best partner. But when it crosses the line, jealousy limits your partner’s freedom and shows you don’t trust them. If you check on them constantly, asking them who they’re with and being jealous without any logical explanation, your relationship won’t go very far. 

Say yes to counselling

People underestimate just how much counselling can help a relationship grow and overcome rough patches. If you’ve never been in a relationship with a celebrity before and you feel helpless whenever you argue, seeing a counsellor can teach you both how to communicate, talk about your feelings, and establish your romantic priorities. What’s more, like Michelle Obama said it herself, counselling will teach you how to love yourself first, so that you can stop expecting your partner to fix you and feel better in your own skin. One of the biggest misconceptions about counselling is that when you get there, you’re on the verge of a breakup, but talking to an expert takes strength and is a sign of emotional maturity.