The rumours surrounding Meghan Markle, the constant drama with the Kardashians and the chaos of Brexit are the favourite famous dramas that Britons love to follow, yet many would hate for their issues to be aired for others to read about, talk about and judge them on.

The Kardashians are never short of drama... Photo: PA

The Kardashians are never short of drama... Photo: PA

The team behind conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into the attitude Britons have towards the lives of celebrities.

Initially, all respondents were asked “Do you pay attention to celebrity lives and ongoing dramas?” to which one quarter stated they did so on a regular basis and a further two fifths stated they did so occasionally. Asked if they were more interested in celebrity drama than any drama going on around them, 28% admitted they were.

When given a list of celebrities, famous families and groups of well-known people, respondents were asked to select all those whose drama they liked to follow online, with the top five found to be:  

  1. The Royal Family – 41%
  2. The Kardashians – 32%
  3. Theresa May – 27%
  4. The stars of Love Island – 18%
  5. Katie Price – 9%

Asked what it was about these celebrities that appealed to them, the most common response for the top three were found to be ‘the rumours surrounding Meghan Markle’, ‘the constant drama, real or orchestrated, for the reality family’ and ‘the shambles that Brexit has become’.

What’s more, it was found that their reasons for caring about celebrity drama were ‘it’s so juicy and far from reality’, ‘it always explodes into something much bigger’ and ‘the whole world is watching how the events are going to unfold’.

Furthermore, when asked how they respond to celebrity dramas compared to their own, one in three are likely to share their thoughts on social media surrounding what’s going on in the media with these famous faces, yet just one in eleven will share their own dramas online for others to read about. The top reason for not wanting to share their own issues was revealed as ‘not wanting others to talk about me, my life and my situations’. Four fifths admitted they would likely not cope being in the spotlight themselves, having everyone judge every more they make and creating rumours.

George Charles, spokesperson for commented:

“It is no surprise that in current society people are more interested in celebrity drama than their own, whether that’s watching your favourite reality stars, reading about the many rumours and accusations flying around or even watching chaos unfold that will affect your life at some point, as is the case with Brexit. It’s interesting to read that the majority don’t want their own dramas to be on display for others to talk about, yet choose to dive into those who put themselves in the public eye. Some may argue they chose that life and put themselves in that position, but would we cope if the tables were turned?”