When you’re earning the big bucks, it’s no surprise that you might want to blow off some steam with a few rolls of the dice once in a while. Whether it’s the big time Vegas casinos, trying their hand at the races, or indulging in fun online play, here are 3 of the most famous celebs who love a flutter.

Who will you see in there?

Who will you see in there?

Pamela Anderson 

This Baywatch star is so famous in the casinos that she actually has her very own Playboy slot machine. This can be found at the Palms in Las Vegas. When you have Anderson’s feminine mystique, it might not be as much of a gamble to play high stakes, however. She reportedly paid off a poker debt of $250,000 with nothing more than her famous charm.

Matt Damon 

You can hardly say casino without thinking of Matt Damon, and his best bud Ben Affleck. But while Affleck has admitted to counting cards, the rumours around Matt Damon are just that, for now. Known for his part as poker player Mikey in the famous movie Rounders, he loves Poker just as much offscreen. He loves to play in popular 5 star hotels as well as at the homes of good friends, including Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Other famous gamblers include Charlie Sheen, Demi Moore, and Eva Longoria, who hosts a charity casino night every single year, proving that some celebs do know how to get involved in some fun and friendly gambling without making a scene of themselves.

But what about those celebrities to whom the casino is slightly less friendly? Here are a few of the most famous faces who are most definitely not welcome on various parts of the strip (but hey, there are always fun online gambling sites ready to welcome them).

Paris Hilton 

Being banned from a casino due to outrageous behaviour? Might sound like it comes with a fair amount of street cred. But what about when you’re banned from Daddy’s casino cause you gambled away the $175,000 Bentley he bought. Suddenly a bit less cool and a bit more ‘Go to your room, you’re grounded.’

One Direction 

The boys were excited to sample the sights and sounds of Vegas, but while they were of legal age over here in the UK, the same did not hold true in the good old United States. The boys were denied entry to play, probably putting the kibosh on their holiday plans somewhat.

Derren Brown 

Got to love this one, as clearly someone at the Broadway Plaza Birmingham believes in magic a little more than they should. While Derren is famous for his ‘beat the casino’ videos, most of us can watch the show with a healthy pinch of cynicism. Turns out not all of us though, and the staff asked him to leave, despite the fact that he was just standing there, minding his own business. Or was he?

So there we have it. A handful of the most famous celebrities who love their gambling, and some of the institutions which clearly don’t quite feel the same way!