Eva Green is one of the most beautiful and enigmatic actresses of our time. Since her on screen debut in The Dreamers by Bernardo Bertolucci in 2003, Green has enthralled viewers around the world with a variety of demure, frightening but overall intoxicating roles.

Female First

Female First

If you have yet to watch one of her films, be prepared to become thoroughly enraptured with the way in which she can take on deeply emotive and even evil elements of complex characters, all with her characteristic French poise and confidence.

In this article, we’ll explore just a handful of the top must watch Eva Green movies, for anyone who is already a fan, or is yet to become one.

5 Must Watch Eva Green Movies

1. Casino Royale

Green truly stepped onto the international stage with her role in Casino Royale, which is most certainly one of the most enjoyable casino movies of all time

In this film, which focuses more on the famous 007’s emotive side, Green plays the role of Vesper Lynd, the woman who forever altered the life of one of the world’s top secret agents. 

As opposed to the usual superficial Bond hotel room flings and bar scenes, in this movie we delve deeper into the heart of the man who likes his martinis shaken and not stirred, as he falls in love and tries to keep his wits about him as his enemies start to play their respective cards. 

With drama, violence and intrigue set in the glitzy Montenegro gambling scene, this film also provides a seductive insight into the complexities of the world of gambling and international crime and espionage. 

2. Kingdom of Heaven

True to Green’s dynamism, her role in Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven takes her acting prowess to another level, as she plays the troubled Princess Sibylla, who is also the love interest of medieval crusader Orlando Bloom. 

One of Scott’s most famous previous films is Gladiator, and this film brings a similar epic feel to this story about the Crusades. With impressive CGI and a compelling story of love and loss, this blockbuster also sheds a light on Green’s ability to take on demanding and vulnerable roles.

3. Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For

Frank Miller’s graphic novels have been marvellously brought to life in noir form in the series of Sin City films, which began with the first Sin City movie (based on the first, third and fourth books). In the second instalment of the series, A Dame to Kill For, Green plays the seductive but conniving Ava Lord.

In this manipulative and violent femme fatale role, Green’s piercing eyes of the same colour shine with a brightness that speaks to an acting ability that can bring depth and complexity to the role of a beautiful, cold and calculating sociopath. 

With a cast of several other famous actors, Green forms part of a stellar cast in this captivating and visually compelling film

4. Dark Shadows

There are not many actors who can take on the level of weirdness required for a Tim Burton film, but Green is certainly one of them, having starred in more than one of Burton’s dark, humorous and sometimes twisted classics. 

In Dark Shadows, Green once again exemplifies a bitter and twisted femme fatale in her role as Angie Bouchard, a red-lipped villainess who is hell bent on getting what she wants and destroying the lives and reputation of the Collin’s family. 

While set against a dark backdrop of jealousy, spells and vampire antics, this is ultimately a humorous film that explores the strength of family bonds, even when they’re being tested by Green in her role as a feisty and desperate witch.  

The world was mesmerised by Gerard Butler’s role as Leonidas I in the first instalment of the 300 movie series, which is interestingly also inspired by a Frank Miller graphic novel. 

5. 300: Rise of an Empire

In 300: Rise of an Empire, the sequel to the famous story of overcoming the odds against an overwhelming Persian army, Green once again takes on a powerful role as Artemisia, a bloodthirsty warrior queen.

In the continuation of an epic battle, Green is not afraid to demonstrate her lust for power in this role, and to do whatever it takes to win. In this way, Green makes this film all the more enjoyable, even when she’s lopping off heads or having sex-fights with her archenemy. 

In the list above, we’ve covered just a small handful of some of Green’s most famous and must watch movies. As you can see from the films above, Green is truly able to take on a variety of demanding, sexy but ultimately powerful female roles. =

While we’ve focused on Green’s more well known blockbuster films, she has also starred in a number of French films, dramas and television series, that also speak to her constantly evolving talent and depth as an actress. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this alluring French beauty, why not watch all of the above films and more? Who knows, you might even stumble across some of your most favourite movies yet, all while being inspired by one of the greatest actresses of our time,