The $70 million dollars, which is the 26 per cent players receive largely from television rights and sponsorships, is mostly going to the male cricketers of Australia.

Women's Ashes highlights - England defeated in Bristol

Women's Ashes highlights - England defeated in Bristol

Even after the men's team lost their Test match to England in the Ashes and the women managed to win their version, male cricketers will receive an average salary next year of $1 million compared to women who will receive just $85,000.

This has been a topic of hot contention for nearly 12 months now as Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association argue over how exactly the $70 million should be distributed.

The ACA is claiming that the money should only be given to male players as it was negotiated that it was part of their memorandum of understanding, and female players do not even have a MOU.

CA are arguing that nowhere in the MOU does it specify the gender of the player, and that the wording simply says "player", so there is no reason why female players should receive such a tiny sum.

CA refused to comment publicly on the matter, with a spokesman saying: "Our ultimate aim is to have all of our elite women cricketers playing professionally, and the Women's Big Bash League is a great step in that direction but there is still a long way to go".

Here is the detailed breakdown of how the funds will are being distributed, provided by The Daily Telegraph.

Amount in Australian Cricketers' Association player payment pool: $70 million

Amount to be given to Australia's female players: $0


Australia's international men: $30 million between top 25 players

Men playing Sheffield Shield and Matador Cup: $30 million

Men playing in Big Bash Twenty20 league: $10 million

Average wage of Australian male international: $1 million per year

Average wage of Australian male domestic cricketer: $250,000 per year

Average wage of Australian female international: $85,000 per year

Average wage of Australian female domestic cricketer: $17,000 per year

Women's Ashes highlights - England defeated in Bristol

England were unable to pull off a record chase as a Meg Lanning-inspired Australia levelled the Women's Ashes Series at 2-2 with a 63-run victory.

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