Chad Curtis, an ex-NY Yankees outfielder claims that he only has $38 in his bank account and some prison noodles left to his name. He is currently serving 15 years for sexually assaulting three female students at a high school where he coached in 2011.

Chad Curtis

Chad Curtis

TMZ reports that Curtis has reportedly made nearly $13 million in his decade-long MLB career and has won 2 World Series titles with the Yankees.

Curtis told that federal judge: "I have $39 in my personal account. The state of Michigan has taken everything I own."

He has claimed that the accusers are lying and says, "I know the truth is on my side. I do not believe there will be a large verdict."

The women accusing Curtis of the crime have now followed up with a civil suit against him, and he can't even afford a lawyer to defend himself.

Chad Curtis convicted of sexual misconduct