50 Cent is a big fan of England's new 24-hour drinking laws - because it encourages group sex.The American rapper loves alcohol because it allows people to lose their inhibitions and encourages them to experiment between the sheets.50 insists the easiest way to have an orgy or a threesome is to get the women you are with drunk.He revealed to Britain's Loaded magazine: "Everyone should be allowed to drink at whatever hours they feel they want to do it."Man, I've had some good times and parties in pubs after 11pm."England's drinking laws are definitely going to cause more threesomes and if you're out that late, you gotta feed the girl the champagne. They love that stuff."However, despite encouraging sexual freedom, 50 insists he always practices safe sex.

He said: "Everyone should use a condom, because more dinking will also cause more baby population."

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