CUMMING LOST VIRGINITY IN 'WIFE-SWAP SITUATION'Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING had his first sexual experience in a bizarre swinging situation when he was 16.The SON OF THE MASK star exposed the colourful details of his first time at New York nightclub Duvet's Erotica Reading on Tuesday (29MAR05), leaving guests reeling from his cheeky humour.Cumming reveals, "I was going out with this girl who had very pale skin and long red hair. She looked like that picture of Ophelia drowning."There was this other girl with olive skin and curly hair, and was older and very sexually active. Me and this other girl flirted a little bit in front of her boyfriend, who was also called Alan."We had a sleepover - me and Ophelia and Alan and the olive-skinned girl. We played strip poker, like you do when you're 16. "I went upstairs with Alan's girlfriend, and he stayed downstairs with Ophelia. They just sat there playing cards or something.

"We were upstairs going at it like rabbits! This was in a suburban little Scottish town. It's kind of portentous that I would lose my virginity in a kind of wife-swapping situation."