Angelina Jolie and her former lesbian lover visited dominatrix dens, it has been claimed. Jenny Shimizu - a former Calvin Klein model - has been sharing details about her sexual antics with Angelina on an internet blog called "The Starr Sisters Of Malibu". She revealed: "Ionce visited a dominatrix den with Angelina. She loved it!" The pair met in 1996 when they played lovers in the movie 'Foxfire'. She said: "We used to visit strip clubs and there was this tension. After the second week of filming we kissed." Shimizu has also admitted she doubts Angelina's relationship with Brad Pitt will last.

Earlier this year, she said: "It seems like he comes from a different place. He wants a perfect marriage but she's not going to be a housewife. You can't control Angelina. It's hard to settle down with one person when you have a whole world in front of you

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