Angelina Jolie isn't a fan of hugs.'The Good Shepherd' actress revealed she finds it difficult to talk about her emotions and finds hugging people particularly uncomfortable.Angelina said: "I'm not a hugger. People make fun of me. It's something that I have a hard time with."If someone hugs me, I hold my breath. Snuggling, cuddling, hugging, crying - all that stuff makes me very uncomfortable."I've often been accused of not talking about my personal things. I mean, even with Brad. He usually has to draw something out of me."I have had a lot of people - ex-husbands - suggest that they'd be very open to being a shoulder to cry on. If I had the inclination, it would be very lovely if I could possibly let that go."But I have this odd sense of it's not going to accomplish anything to cry. It's not going to help you to get a hug!"

Angelina, 31, twice divorced, has two adopted children, Maddox, five, and Zahara, two, with partner Brad Pitt. She gave birth to the couple's daughter Shiloh Nouvel seven months ago.

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