Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell flirted with each other on an American chat show - fuelling speculation they are dating. The stunning actress and the Hollywood heartthrob, who star in epic 'Alexander' together, held hands and gazed into each other's eyes during an appearance on 'The View'. Colin said: "Each time I meet up with Angelina I feel like I have known her for a really long time." Rumours were rife the pair were enjoying a romance after they were spotted spending a lot of time together on the set of 'Alexander'. However, they denied reports, insisting their relationship was purely platonic. Colin, 28, recently spoke of his fondness for Angelina, who plays his mother in the movie. He said at the time: "Once you get over the irony of her playing my mother, it was pretty great acting with her.

She's such a brilliant actor, such a powerhouse, and she's such a sexy woman.

She created a definitive character as Olympias, and put such an incredible and individual seal on it.

It was amazing for me to look in her eyes and see the way she looked and held herself. She was so regal, so it made it very easy for me."

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