Angelina Jolie has reportedly been seeking comfort in the arms of ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller as she tries to cope with the rumours she's having an affair with Brad Pitt. The Oscar-winning beauty - who has always denied sleeping with her 'Mr and Mrs Smith' co-star - is said to have been so upset by the fabrications that she has asked Jonny for advice. A source is quoted by Britain's Daily Express newspaper : "The Brad rumours have brought so much chaos that Angelina needed to talk to the man she feels closest to. Jonny adores her. He's told her to follow her heart in everything." Angelina's relationship with Brad was alleged to be one of the reasons why he split from wife Jennifer Aniston. However, despite claims the pair recently enjoyed a romantic weekend away together, Brad and Angelina have always insisted their relationship is purely platonic. The 'Tomb Raider' star - who was also married to Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton - has always remained close to Jonny, who she wed in 1997.

He recently accompanied her to the London premiere of 'Alexander', where she said: "Jonny's part of my family. He's here for me. Divorcing him was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done."

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