Angelina Jolie has reportedly bought her three-year-old son a mobile phone. The stunning actress is said to have given her adopted son, Maddox, a top-of-the-range camera phone, which is programmed to only dial her number. During a recent meeting with film executives in Hollywood, Angelina reportedly stopped everything to take a ten-minute call from Maddox, telling the men: "Sorry, gentleman. my son comes first." Previously Angelina Jolie has blamed the box-office flop of 'Tomb Raider 2' on computer experts tinkering with her curves. The stunning actress claims the movie did so badly because computer boffins airbrushed her voluptuous curves out of the advertising posters making her "unsexy." Jolie said: "Once they had airbrushed any sexuality out of that poster, that was it bye-bye box office." The movie - based on the popular computer character Lara Croft - failed miserably compared to its predecessor 'Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life'.

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